Hall of Fame Classic in KC - tickets

The tickets went on sale this morning. I just now saw that, and bought mine. There’s still some pretty good seats left - get the $40 ones. Mine were in section 108 (where sideline meets baseline) - row 14. Can’t believe I didn’t check this this morning!

Nov. 22 and 23 - Hogs, Illini, Cincy, and Kansas St, who we play the first game.

Here’s a link to their seating chart for basketball. Just toggle down one page.

Edit - These are digital tickets. It will be easier if you open an AXS app account before placing your order. The tickets are sent to your account.

Earlier this morning, there were $100 tickets available. We just bought $40 tickets in section 115 row 16. Apparently, those were the best available. I took your advice and opened an AXS app account and the tickets were sent immediately. I reserved a hotel room several months ago and it recently went down almost $50 a night.

Section 115, is the same section as my Section 108, but on the opposite side of the court. As I said, they are pretty good but, not great seats. Did you click on the seating chart link in my post above? It will show you exactly where your seats are.

I don’t think I’ve ever seen a previously reserved hotel room go down in price! That’s great. I’m staying at Harrah’s. I’ve got a call in to a Casino rep to see if they plan to have a shuttle for player card members to and from the games. Or, if not to see if I can talk them in to putting one together for both nights.

If we can win both our first games, the Hogs - Illini championship game should be a great early season test for both teams.

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I’m taking a 5 day trip to Vegas with a few buddies during that time to bet the games. Great sports trip. Hogs at Bama, Cowboys at Chiefs, and 2 Hogs hoops games. Anybody who wants to hang out with us in the sports book is welcome. We’ll be staying at The Mirage and wearing our Hog gear. As of last week, direct round trip flight out of XNA on Allegiant and 5 nights at The Mirage for $700.

That’s a really good package price. Hopefully, Covid Delta will have mostly subsided by Thanksgiving week, for both of us. I’ve been in a lot of Caesars/Harrahs properties, but never in their Kansas City property. I hope it’s at least decent.

I did check the seating chart you posted. I wish I had been able to choose the seats I wanted rather than having to choose the best available. We like to sit in the middle of a row and there was not a way to choose those seats. Our hotel is about 5 blocks from the arena, so it will be an easy walk.

It’s a really nice casino, although I prefer the Ameristar. If they had a sports book, I might have been going to KC over Vegas right before Thanksgiving. I like to play blackjack, and I hear that Treasure Island, next door to The Mirage, is spreading a decent game, hence the decision to go to Vegas. Hope we both have a blast! Go Hogs!

Yes, me too. Also, I’ve been to a few other early season basketball tournaments, where they designate sections for each of the teams, so you could sit with other Razorback fans. But they didn’t have anything like that here. Being a Monday and Tuesday they may not be nearly full, so we might be able to move to better seats for the 2nd half since we are the late game.

That’s generally all I play. I haven’t been to Vegas in about 8 years, but over the years, I usually stayed in Caesars, Paris, Venetian, or Bally’s. I like the Paris casino layout better than any of the others. I just like the feel, almost like open air with the trellises around the tables and dark lighted ceiling. After eight years, though, they may have totally redecorated and changed the casino floor.
Good luck while you are there.

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Thanks, Harley. I have a feeling if you and I ever meet up, we will be fast friends. It’s hard to find a good blackjack game in Vegas now. When I went out there in July, I had to go out to Green Valley Ranch in Henderson to find a good game, but even there, they still hit a soft 17 if you were playing less than $50 per hand. How I miss the old Desert Inn…you could split, re-split, double after the split, and split and double aces until eternity. All in a classy joint where your dealer put his tokes in his front shirt pocket…no hitting soft 17 either. Sadly, that Vegas is gone forever.

I wish tickets had been made available like they were for the Arkansas vs Oklahoma game in Tulsa.

When we planned on stopping in Kansas City for a couple of days on our way to Omaha in June, I asked for suggestions for things to see and do in K.C., restaurants, etc. Still looking for suggestions.

I’m glad you mentioned the Hogs Sooners game in Tulsa. I forgot about ordering 3 tickets for that. I haven’t heard anything back on those. I don’t think anything has been charged on my card. Have you heard anything?

No, I haven’t heard anything yet.

The link for the tickets now takes you to a diagram of the arena and you can choose the location of the seats you want. I am not a happy ticket purchaser!

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