Hall not starting at Depaul

Quite frankly so far he doesn’t look much different on the stat sheet than the player we saw two years ago. He’s the sixth man. Hall still rebounds like a demon but hasn’t been much on O. I thought he might develop into an arc shooter, but he apparently hasn’t attempted one in over 30 minutes on the court. He’s only 3 of 8 at the line and has turned the ball over a lot. It’s a long season, and this is a small sample size. Nonetheless, what kept him off the court at Arkansas as a frosh was that he gushed TOs. He got to the line a lot but missed half of them His D might have been worth the TOs if he had just shot 70% from the line.

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And professional malcontent Carte’Are Gordon left Depaul without ever playing a game. Not starting has got to be a jolt of reality to the folks who were telling Darius that he had one and done ability.

Hall got the wrong people in his ear and it’s costing him.

If Hall had not left, he would be a star player in Anderson’s system by now. But reading. your post got my mind wandering this morning.

What happened with Hall, Garland and Perry changed the history of the program.

We are now salivating over signing of Fab 5, but Mike And erson had signed 4-stars Gafford, Hall, Garland in 2017 and then had commitments from Joe, Henderson, Sills, Perry and Hill, and was coming off NCAAT appearances in 3 out of 4 years , seemed like he had built a a fence around Arkansas and was riding high.

Then one by one losing those 3 key players, for different reasons, it all came crashing down on Mike and turned a promising 2018-19 into a firing season.

Sports world can change on a dime just like it did with Arkansas football after the Petrino bike ride. It has a way of turning optimism into disaster.

Then of course there are surprising successful seasons when least expected. Could this be one of those, especially if Chaney starts playing? Some of the pieces are there and there is experience behind those pieces.

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PJ, I think just having a healthy Garland and a Hall with his head on straight, would have been enough for us to dance last year, thus continueing the Mike Anderson era. It was a perfect storm of unfortunate circumstances that caught up with Mike. That being said, I think Muss is better suited to the rapid roster movement that we see in today’s game. Mike is more of a relationship builder while Muss is good at selling himself as a guy who can take a kid at any stage of his career and get him ready for pro ball somewhere. At least that’s the perception.

You described perfectly what I see as one of Anderson’s failings - not utilizing the transfer portal to plug and play when unforeseen things happen.

The loss of Reggie Perry alone was devastating. You have him last year and this year and it’s a Top 25 team.

With that said I’m excited for the direction of the program and I like Mike’s future at St. Johns.

You are spot on with that comment.

I agree. Mike had some bad luck. That was at least the second time it looked like we had turned the corner when, WHAM, bad luck/bad circumstances hit him hard (2 players leaving for the NBA when everyone thought they were coming back and misbehavior by some others).

If CMA had just gone and gotten a shooter at any position from the graduate transfer market, he would probably still be the coach. That team was a lot closer to the NCAAT than his detractors realize. We finished #54 in Pomeroy. There were at-large bids given to teams that finished behind us. A couple of buckets or FTs would have been the difference in losses against Texas, Florida, Ga Tech, Western Kentucky, Texas Tech, Missouri, and LSU. Winning any three of those puts us in. So would the right two.

Correction. Hall is 0 for 2 from the arc.

DePaul eviscerating Iowa at Iowa but Hall is a complete non-factor. Turned it over and then let his guy drive right by him for an easy 2 and got yanked.