Hall Leaving= Qualls Early Departure?

I kinda see Hall becoming a longer version of Qualls with another year or two of development, which will now happen elsewhere. Big difference is next years team will have Gafford to anchor the new talented FR and the redshirts.

Hope we have some good options on the table to replace these two.

Joe was probably the replacement for Jones. In my opinion, he’s as good a shooter and an upgrade every where else.

Phillips, again in my opinion, is better offensively that Hall, but I think Hall had him defensively.

I think we need to look at grad transfers, or JUCO’s. We need scholarships for 19 and 20 recruits

Agreed. I’m not feeling the Jabril-Price Noel pick-up, which seems to be what the staff is looking to do. That just adds another freshman. Only way I would say go after him is if Garland doesn’t cleared. Otherwise get a JUCO and Grad transfer to balance the classes.

And that’s not a knock on JPN, I heard he’s a good looking prospect, but I don’t think we need 8 freshmen next year.

I agree. Hopefully they are covering all angles. Remember volume recruiting. If they did not look at JPN, there will be criticism.

Jabril-Price Noel is a better talent than Gabe. Much better offensively.

Maybe, but we still need scholarships for 19 & 20. Would prefer JUCO or grad transfer to even out the classes. That’s just my opinion though, and nothing against Noel

Understand. I would probably agree with you. A grad transfer seems best but at the same time as a coach you really focus on the next year and see how things play out.

I’m sure you can tell, I really like Phillips, how does Noel compare to him?

I think they’re comparable. I think Jordan has more of a complete game.

We certainly know that if we have eight freshmen, that doesn’t mean in four years we’ll have eight seniors. We may not even have eight sophomores. But under ordinary circumstances having eight freshmen is not ideal.

That’s why as coaches you recruit like next year could be your last.

These days, it may very well be, no matter what you’ve done the previous year(s).

Which, in Mikes case, isn’t much. Mike has been too busy digging ditches for himself than working on a free pass.

Everyone has their own opinions.

And some of them are actually based in reality. Others, not so much.

There were two seasons of 22 wins or from 1999-2000 to 2012-2013.

Since 2013-2018, there have been four in five seasons - including 27, 26, 23 and 22.

Like Swine said, Dudley, some of those opinions are not reality based.