Hall High Football

Is it true that the Warriors are now playing the 8 man game? That is disturbing if true.

That is true. And if the roster posted at their athletic website is correct, they only have 19 on the team. Which would explain going to 8 man.

Amazing. Had no idea. What is going on there?

Hall is now a STEM magnet school as of 2020; entering students are placed in the Academy of Engineering or the Academy of Health Professions, according to the Hall website. Magnet school status just about killed Parkview football across town until Brad Bolding resurrected it recently. But if you’re choosing to attend Hall because you want to be a doctor or a civil engineer, football may not be high on your priority list. Thus 19 out for football.

The roster:

Some of those teams on their schedule are playing 11 man ball. Not sure how that’s going to work.

How are they going to play 2 different teams on October 1st?

I noticed that too. They have multiple games scheduled on Sept. 24 and Oct. 1. Wondering if some of them were left over from schedules they made when they were still playing 11 man.

The two games listed Sept. 24 are Episcopal and Beebe. I looked on Beebe’s website (not Maxpreps) and it does not list a game with Hall at all.

Little Rock Christian (Oct. 1) lists a game with Hall, but on a different date – October 15. Hall lists Rose Bud that day.

And White Hall, which also plays 11 man, has the game with Hall on the same date as Hall does.

So Hall has three games scheduled with teams that play 11-man. Are the other teams going to have to play 8-man rules? :man_shrugging: I would think asking an 19-kid roster to play 11 man against a team with three times as many players is just asking for injuries.

I would also think that the duplicate games are just website errors, but even so it looks like they’re playing at least one game for sure against an 11-man team at White Hall.

Doesn’t sound like Hall is in any position to be playing LRC no matter the number of players on the field. I wonder if this magnet designation will affect the Warrior basketball program? Probably not, if Parkview is predicate.

I wouldn’t worry about Hall basketball, although, Portis notwithstanding, Hall hasn’t been that great in hoops lately anyway.

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