Halftime: Purdue 14, tOSU 3

Boilers shredded the Yuckeyes’ secondary for 233 yards passing in the half. In the last two minutes OSU missed a field goal, Purdue roared down the field, converted a fake field goal to get first and goal, and threw a TD pass on the next play.

Urban Blight probably gets them to roar back, win and cover the 12.5-point spread, but fun so far.

Now 21-6 Boilers.

Still 21-6, start of the 4th. Purdue had a goal line stand late in the third to preserve the 15-point margin.

28-6, I’m a boilermaker fan tonight. I hate tOSU

And today Booger said Ohio St should be number 1 ahead of Bama.

Never listen to a man named Booger

35-13 Purdue

That’s a whoopin.

OSU been flirting with disaster all yr…finally got what they deserved just like last yr.

Now 42-20.

Good thing Purdue didn’t take its foot off the gas pedal. tOSU has 14 fourth quarter points – but Purdue has 21.

Purdue defense has held the Yuckeyes to 53 rushing yards.

Can’t believe tOSU is as one-dimensional as they are. So glad. Couldn’t happen to a better school and coach.

And to cap it off, a pick-six. 49-20

If you bet Purdue and the over (65) you made a boatload of money.

49 - 20 Final

Yea Booger’s explanation for Oh St being # 1 was beating Penn St. who got a scare from mighty Indiana.
33 - 28 Nit Lions

Booger is just another pundit that hates our hogs and makes excuses for the favorites.
I’m glad the buckeyes and their coach took one on the chin today.

Go, urban,Go :grinning:

Loved it. It was no fluke. Purdue smacked them. Out coached and out played them. How can you let a program like tosu not have a running game? Bad - real bad.

I seen this on a tOSU message board. It is pretty funny. I won’t link it because some of the posts get a little nasty:
The title of the thread is "This game was UNFAIR!!!:

From start to finish this game was simply unfair.

  1. First of all, there are too many rules. We kept committing penalties. Can’t run into this guy. Too late to hit that guy. We moved too soon. We grabbed hold of somebody. Just too many damned rules.


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There are a few coaches who make an immediate impact to a program regardless of talent level…Coach Brohm is on that list.

Purdue has a very good coach. If he remains there, that
program will get stronger and stronger.