Half way through: How we finish

Tennessee: W
at Florida: L
at Missouri: W
Alabama: L

Finish 5-5

The second half of the season will continue to show us offensive improvement, as the players continue to get more comfortable in the system. Oline will keep improving under Davis, leading to a consistently more balanced attack.

The defense will continue to play well, especially against one dimensional teams and inexperienced QBs (not a ground breaking concept).

I think we bounce back strong next week. Offense has its best game yet while the defense takes the A&M loss as a challenge. I think we beat an uninspired LSU team with their inexperienced QB here on a cold night in Fayetteville. And I think the defense will take the Missouri game personally for their coach. A Florida loss will resemble A&M, just too much well coach high end talent to overcome. And Alabama, well, you know.

Pittman finishes 5-5, and wins coach of the year.


I think that’s a very plausible forecast, and I listed it myself on another thread this morning.

Would be very very pleased with 5-5. Remember that was projected by ESPN and stated on here, only for most of us to reply without same sentiments. Getting 2-3 wins was most of our optimistic ceiling. So with that reached we want & expect more.
But we haven’t won any of the remaining games yet either.

Missouri will be tough. LSU may have their QB back.

Their QB didn’t give up 48 to Aubie.

I bet most would have taken 5-5 at the start of the year and said thanks.

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I would have taken 2-8 at the beginning of the year, given our new schedule, and said thanks. And I was one of the optimists.

I’d be ecstatic with 4 wins.

I hope we can win another game or two. I don’t see us going 5-5. Beating Tennessee at Knoxville, LSU at Fayetteville and Missouri there is a pretty tall order. We could do it, but winning 3 or 4 games this year is a lot more probable. If we do go 5-5, Coach Pittman will probably deserve and get a lot of coaching awards.

Tennessee is coming to RRS

That will help, of course. We have given good effort every single week which is impressive…every game of the first 5, we have played hard and not turned the ball over very often. If we play hard and limit our turnovers, that will give us a chance to win 3-4 more games.

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