Half full, half empty or 20% of capacity

The lackluster, only one true road game schedule (MN) and one neutral roadie makes for a lack of interest in an over-hyped and unranked team. Seeing BWA at 20% of capacity in back-to-back cupcakes since the drubbing up in the lakers state indicates the ho hum brand of hoops doesn’t justify the “basketball palace” nickname outside on the facade of the building. Behind the “facade” passing for a program inside is a mediocre product facing another year with no invitation to the dance. Maybe CMA will get us back to national name recognition by 2020? Currently, our 1994-95 championship appearances are fading into memory like those of Marquette, Jacksonville or NYU.

We will be ranked in top 25 by January

We get it. You don’t like Mike Anderson. We figured that out about 20 posts ago, and you’ve only posted 22 times.

Probably the best crowd of the year tonight

I enjoyed watching the Stephen F Austin game on tv earlier this week. I hope they decide to televise another game or two sometime later in the season.

Very nice passive aggression. Restaurant quality. Btw, probably a minor point for you, but they aren’t the ones that decide whether the game is televised.

You seem to be a truly miserable person.

All the remaining games will be televised except for the game in NLR on Dec 22nd. Fortunately, I have tickets for that game.

Solid win by the Hogs, tonight.

When this team gels, they are going to be tough to beat.

I’m not sure I see any passive aggressive behavior here. Maybe I’ve missed something along the way.

I hope they stop televising them. Sorry.



Can we sell out the Florida game if we stay undefeated this month?

And get a SC top ten dunk on Texas… come on

Doubt it but it was a lot better and they were treated to a really fun game. Houston is decent. We will need to have a good crowd and performance that night.