Half court Offensive Woes

Jalen Harris and Adriel Bailey both really hurt this team offensively especially when both are on the court at the same time… All in all Bailey needs not to start period imo

Chaney is more skilled offensively and better defensively… truly Gabe is even a better scoring option than Adrio

One reason that we have fallen off offensively is that Adrio’s play has cratered so much in the last few games. He’s been the most skilled of the forwards on offense this season. It hasn’t been close with Gabe, who has been shooting under 30% to Adrio’s 55%. Adrio has acually scored at the same rate as Chaney, who has done almost all his work at the rim, and at a significantly higher rate than Gabe. Both Gabe and Chaney have also turned the ball over at about twice the rate as Adrio.

Gabe played very well at both ends today and hopefully will sustain the improvement. Chaney has been playing great but got the TO bug again today. When he turns it over that often, he gives back some of the excellent work he does around the basket at both ends. I’m glad both are coming on, but we need Bailey to be a threat to knock down a jumper and handle without TOs. That makes life a lot easier.

We are definitely not a better offensive team without Harris on the floor. He is one of the national leaders in assists, has twice as many deuces as any other guard, and is right there with Jones and Gafford in made FTs. If he could hit a trey every once in a while, he would be unstoppable.

It doesn’t really matter who is on the floor. We aren’t scoring in the first 10 minutes of halves. We only scored 9 points in the first 10 minutes of the first half with Chaney starting. We scored 11 points in the first 10 minutes of the second half. That means that we scored 20 points in the first 10 minutes of the halves and 53 points in the second 10 minutes of the halves. That’s become a trend of late. The same split was 15 - 50 against Ga Tech and 27 - 52 against UTSA. If we had gotten out of the gate with any offensive efficiency at all from anyone, we would have blown out the last three opponents. Only playing offense for half the game means that a lucky shot or a missed assignment can cough up a game late, no matter how well you defend.

Not sure what the problem is. I suspect like a young hitter in MLB the defense has caught on to our strengths and weaknesses. We are in the process of adjusting, which takes time. We seem to have the parts to get it back together at some point.