half court ofense last 3 min was unreal

just nobody trying t penetrate and throwing up prayers!! why you got to have a great PG, no spacing!! proud of our effort but that was hard to watch and NC not known for great defense

Hogs offense at the end is why they lost…just awful…yes refs were bad but the shot selection at the end was ridiculous…losing Macon didn’t help…

UNC had worse droughts than that. Difference was the refs would bail them out during their droughts with calls and wouldn’t give us a thing. We should have got the ball back with 1 second on shot clock down 1 point. And that was an obvious offensive foul and/or travel on Berry, instead they get 2 points.

You guys can say what you want about the offense at the end, but all teams go through droughts throughout the game, UNC did, that’s how we went on a huge run. We did enough to win this game, refs decided it. 25 FT - 8 FT. Get Real. That’s BS.

Our offensive struggles late had something to do with UNC. Their talent re asserted itself at crunch time.

Blah. Just blah. Blah blah blah blah.

yeah thats exactly what the offense was blah blah blah blah 12-0 run speaks for itself never got a shot off that wasnt just heaved up there! proud of our effort like i said but that was awful

Nc defense as good, too

The strategy was to get to the line. If the refs made the calls, it would have worked.

Still proud of the boys. Great effort.

We have won every close game this year until this one, great PG or not. But no doubt every team can use a great PG. just not that many around.

I thought the offense at the end of the game was bizarre as well. We had worked the whole game to wear them down, then at the end instead of making them move, we’d stand around for 15 or 18 seconds. Wish we would’ve finished the game at the same pace we finished the first half. You could tell UNC was gassed and was just trying to make it to halftime to catch their breath.

Arkansas played its butt off.

Yeah, if anything we were gassed at the end. Lost a step. UNC played amazing denial man defense those last couple of minutes and took our legs.

The kids played as hard and tough as any Hog team I’ve witnessed in the last 50 years.

Heart. All heart.

Mike did a fine job too.