Hagen Smith back in the rotation

Hagen Smith will start Friday’s series opener at Mississippi State.

Chances are decent that Brady Tygart and Hunter Hollan will start the final two games in some order, but Arkansas will go TBA for the final two games ahead of time.

Peyton Stovall is not likely to play this weekend with inflammation in his right shoulder.


Do you think Holt will be at 2B??

It will be Holt or Coll.

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Ok… Have heard nothing about Hollan having a leg injury. Let’s hope that does not linger very long

This has sort of been a lost season for Stovall. Playing a lot, but not able to be playing well. Hopefully he’ll come back feeling a bit better next week. With hindsight, we should have rested everybody against UGA.

I think it’s related to shin splints.

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The old MASH unit warming up before games is gaining a few more members. This is yet another example of how injuries shake things up.
Lead off hitter out, 2 hole hitter and the 3 hole hitter out of the lineup. Then look at the pitching injuries. This is just one of those bad years.
This is why the depth of your team is so important

Yeah that’s what I read.

Yes absolutely ridiculous we got all these stinking injuries but somehow some way we manage to play through. I don’t know how long we can keep it up…We just have to do the best we can with the bullpen being in a mess like it is and the lineup missing too huge contributors

It will be a miracle to win this weekend without those top 3 in the batting order. The make shift bullpen continues to change. Maybe Coil, Morris and Wood can get the job done this weekend.
By listening to DVH track man confirmed the home plate umpire squeezed Fouchta his last appearance on the mound and he will use him too. This is a big weekend. Just win game 1 and move on to the game 2.

Yeah I would like to see us do well this weekend but we are totally different team on the road so I don’t really have a whole lot of great expectations…Weather looks like it’s going to possibly play an issue. About a 70% chance of rain today but it looks like we will be okay by game time and 50 for Sunday. Mississippi state has an absolutely horrible pitching staff but with our offense in such a weakened state I’ll be very shocked if we can do a whole lot to take advantage of it…

Losing Carter is a huge blow to an already weakened bullpen. I don’t really see how they can keep it up and be successful but they really have no choice but to keep grinding.

We win the series.

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The injuries seem to happen every week… more like football than baseball.

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You going to any of the games, Billy?

No I thought about it but I really don’t like driving back late at night and I didn’t feel like spending money on a hotel LOL. Lord knows I’ve had to spend enough on my car lately so I don’t have a lot of spare money to be throwing around.

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I know a guy who sells cars… :smirk:


I hear ya brother but mine should be good now for many years I just had to put a brand new engine in mine… that hurt the ole savings account!!

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