Hadn't noticed this before . . .

. . . but after the announcement of the TV time for our trip to Auburn next week, I took a look at this week’s schedule to see who the Malzahnistas were playing in advance of our game with them.

The answer - no one. So, that will make two opponents in a row (along with Ole Miss) that have gotten an off week right before playing us.

That’s a bad scheduling break. Both are “winnable” games, but I’d much rather play them when they didn’t have so much time to focus on just us.

Not much we can do about it other than show up and play. But I don’t like it.

Have said for awhile now Auburn game is the worst possible setup for us…two tough games against Bama and Ole Miss and they are off. Will we have any gas left in the tank?

Now the positives…we catch Florida coming off an open date and their annual rivalry game with Georgia. Also, LSU has been flat the past two seasons coming off of the Bama game. Same set up for this season.

Open dates can be good. They can be bad. I’ve seen others come off open dates and not play as well. Ole Miss did not play well after an open date a couple of years ago ahead of Arkansas. Auburn was coming off a Thursday night game last year (while Arkansas had an open date). Auburn had an open the week before Kentucky.