Had a sit down with Byron Hanspard's parents

today. I’ll have a column about Byron as a a young man because he’s such a special person. More on that later.

I asked why they were on board with Byron’s decision and his father and mom said Bielema and his concern about their son away from football. Mom said she was a very hard sell because she didn’t want Byron to go too far away from home and fought the idea of him going five hours away.

While there’s no doubt a coach is paid to win and CBB hasn’t satisfied fans in that regard, it is always good to hear how parents trust him with their sons. I don’t think that can be overemphasized because there’s much more to a coach than meets the eye.

Precept upon precept. It takes time to build a firm foundation.
I am in the camp that believes it is more difficult to
build a deep and powerful team today in the SEC.
It was easier for Coach Broyles in the early 60’s and for Johnny Majors at Pitt and Tom Osborne at Nebraska.
The reasons have been written about many times.
We have yet to scale this mountaintop that is the
modern day SEC. It can be done and I believe it can be done without the shenanigans that are commonplace in Auburn, AL. and Oxford, MS.
Coach Bielema may or may not be the one to scale that lofty peak, but he is trying to do so in a way that will make us all proud. I hope our Razorbacks are able to lay another brick in that wall this Saturday.

Well said and all true, but impatience rules the ranks these days.