Had a feeling all those blue chips heading to Tuscaloosa

wasn’t solely because Avery Johnson talks funny and has a pro pedigree.

Probably won’t see 5-Star PG Colin Sexton this year who will be a lottery pick next draft.


http://www.al.com/alabamafootball/index … r_kob.html

Still waiting on LSU to get busted…

Out of nowhere they have hella-bluechips Nationwide very, very interested…

Moo U will be next! I hope Greaseball get
Nailed at Kentucky.
I guess the preseason rankings just flew out the window.

Let’s hope Saban’s name gets mentioned in thus scandal.

Hopefully the last time I quote Goodman


Comments: you can also include Winning, the right way

But hey, at least we’re (not really) losing the right way.

I suppose my signature should specify “Bielema’s football program” to clear up any confusion

NCAA is only holding him out 1 game, he’ll be back next week. And I’m not surprised, NCAA is a joke.

Blu the evidence aginst Bama and Sexton is in the possession of the FBI. Not the toothless and gutless NCAA that has known this stuff goes on and turns a blind eye to it. I’d say the evidence shows he has received improper benefits and if he is allowed to play then the NCAA is violating their own rules!
But nothing would suprise me. Refer to Scam Newton!