Haarms ? for DD and RD

I know we are one of the schools on his list but just wondering if you see any reasonable chance of this happening?

My philosophy has been when Arkansas is in someone’s Top 10, the kid is just interested in checking things out.

Once it gets to a Final Four or Five, it becomes more of a possibility.

I saw one of the Kentucky beat writers this morning basically rooting tor him to land at Kentucky.

Yea KY is hurting for big men and also to fill out their roster. I think they’ve lost eight players (and all their starters) off of this past season’s roster.

I wouldn’t worry about KY. I read an article a few days ago that called this 2020 KY class, the best Cal has ever recruited. They’ve signed 6 recruits ranked from # 4 to #46. They have the #1 and #2 SGs, the #3 and #5 PFs, and they apparently lead for Haarms.

Hell of a class for KY… they sure can burn through a lot of shoe money.

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