Ha ha ha . . . LSU fan tired of Arkansas "poaching" Louisiana kids

I’ve seen some of this guy’s work before. For an internet fan, he’s pretty entertaining.


He seems like a happy nice LSU fan. I guess the other 99% of their fans give the rest (1%) a bad name.

Dude’s funny. Not sure I’ve seen an opposing team ever accuse us of using Jedi mind tricks. :lol:

Really enjoy his videos.

I really like this guy. He is a true LSU and SEC fan. I loved his comments about us after the Bowl game and now this. We certainly have the respect of one of them down there. Two blowout (and that is what they were) wins in a row will do that.

:lol: “Gonna loot them like after Katrina, and load them up in the back of a 1979 Gremlin”.

Now that guy is havin’ a good time. That’s priceless.

Is there any info on the kid he said he wants to steal from Arkansas? The video he showed looked made the kid look fast.

Bumped for those on the board who mostly catch up on the weekends and may have missed this gem . . .

Michael Smith said he watched the video and loved it. He took it as a compliment. Just as a note, Michael’s father went to school at St. Augustine. He knows that school like the back of his hand. Been there many times.