H.S. Football

The superintendent of schools in Dallas told MSNBC high school football in the state of Texas is highly unlikely in 2020. No HS football. In Texas.

Prepare yourselves accordingly.

Wow that’s a bold statement. Who’s next Florida, Louisiana, California?

Florida is struggling to figure out a path forward, not just sports. The State has mandated that all schools will open with all students attending a full 5 days a week with a full range of activities. That countered our county, Manatee, which had planned to not have all grades in full attendance this fall. Waivers to the State mandate are possible. The issue of sports is being discussed in a heated manner as you might imagine. Public hearings and school board meetings are happening now. A big issue is some counties are mandating all students wear masks during indoor activities, including classroom. Lunch is a big issue as it is when all grades are thrown together in a very crowded setting. I’ve read one article from a teachers’ union about how some teachers, primarily those with underlying conditions such as diabetes, are balking at full opening. We’ll soon see…

I read yesterday that New Mexico has postponed high school football until the spring. I’m sure other states will do the same.

The Arkansas Activities Association said earlier this week it is still planning to have fall sports.

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