It seems that UGA is not competing at KY tonight. I missed the intro, but I’m sure it’s Covid related. Ball State is competing so KY has competition.

I’m bummed out because I’m missing Auburn at BWA tonight. I’ve had something since Monday and my temperature is just getting back to normal. I was really looking forward to seeing Suni Lee compete, but I’ll just have to watch on the SEC network.

I’m fully vaccinated and boosted, but there is no point in taking any chances of passing whatever I have to others.


My recommendation is to get tested. My wife and I are vaccinated and boosted and we got COVID from our friends.

Oh I will eventually. But for right now I don’t feel like sitting in line for the test. Hopefully next week.

Marty, if you are watching, will Walton be the new home of gymnastics? Have you heard the crowd size tonight? Isn’t the weather bad there, but yet there’s a great crowd?

Honestly Marty I’m not sure testing will make a difference. If symptoms are mild, you are just going to isolate for five days anyway.

There is virtually NO AVAILABILITY for outpatient meds at this point. The number of cases is staggering.

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The weather is nice here actually, took my jacket off on the walk back to the car, the crowd was 10,000 something. Was my first meet, been meaning to take my daughter for a minute but, covid. Gymnastics and diving are two sports I don’t understand the judging, if you can do a flip on a balance beam you deserve a 10 every time in my eyes.

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I said the other day that I didn’t think gymnastics would be leaving Barnhill and that tonight would be a one-time deal at Bud Walton.

After watching the meet tonight, I don’t know how the gymnastics team doesn’t move to Bud Walton Arena permanently at some point. It looked so natural and a lot better on TV than the meets in Barnhill.


I do not focus on this sport much but the attendance at Bud was eye opening for me. I was impressed by coverage and support. Being in Barnhill ,assumed attendance was issue. Last night had as many fans as basketball did three years ago. Give it air and water and let it bloom in Bud. More folks better for athletic programs.

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I tested when I got back from Tampa because (a) I was somewhat nervous about it, having been in a crowd of 46,000 of whom 44,000 weren’t wearing masks in a state where COVID is running wild, but, more importantly (b) my girlfriend is paranoid about the virus and wouldn’t let me in her house without a negative test. So I called my clinic before the game, made arrangements, and waited in line for 35 minutes that Monday morning to get tested. Negative. Then yesterday I got the bill. $120. Yikes. Three seconds of swabbing and run it through a machine,

What’s wild is that I have two self-test kits sitting on my desk, sent to me by the research company I work for, but those are to be used when they’re sending me out on an assignment. And I haven’t had an assignment in a while. Next one I know of is in March.

Getting back to the main topic, as I posted last night, I think that crowd suggests that Barnhill is on the way to retirement. Also saw last night that Utah averaged a sellout of 15,000 at the Huntsman Center for gymnastics in the 2020 season before the virus hit, and they got more than 10,000 last night for their dual with OU. I doubt that UU gymnastics is a moneymaker even with those crowds (single meet tickets vary from $7 to $28 depending on how close to the floor they are), but it lessens the burden on the rest of the athletic department.

This meet was unique. Not only was there the attraction of watching a three time Olympic medalist (one gold), but the meet was heavily promoted. I can see them continuing to hold one meet per year in BWA with like promotion.

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Hope you get well soon, Marty.

Sarah went. She can’t imagine gymnastics not moving to BWA full time. It was wonderful.


That was my take away and I did not attend or watch. I realize there was special participant but Bud is going to have $ spend to upgrade so every bit of value should be squeezed from it. Reading 15000 attendance in Utah was also eye opening. I doubt the $ for admission would compete with big ticket sports but say 10000 at $10 or $100k would be value versus upkeep for Barnhill and less growth. JHMO , as I am respectful of that size crowd and need to upgrade Bud.

Most folks on this board know I’ve been promoting gymnastics at Arkansas for years before we even had a program because I figured the NWA area could support a good program better than sleepy little Tuscalooser, which has averaged over 10K per meet for twenty years ( it seems). Glad to see folks here begin to have enthusiasm for this wonderful program.

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