Gymnastics vs Misery

Tiggers set a school record on the bars and led by .225 after the first rotation at Barnhill. We had a couple of hops on vault. Misery hopping some now on vault so maybe we’re making up some ground.

The meet at Bama has back to back to back TENS! I’ve watched gymnastics for twenty years or more and never saw two 10s in a meet ( I don’t think). Two by Bama and one in the middle by LSU.

Oh, and Mi$$ (NIL) Dunne received the loudest ovation in intros.

Misery at 98.775 after vault, Hogs at 98.500. MU got a 9.975 on vault, talking head wasn’t sure how it wasn’t a 10. We got two 9.9s on bars from Drotar and Flatley on bars and a 9.9 from Lauren Williams on bars.

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Bar is what killed us last week against Kentucky. We opened with 9.925 and 9.900 on bars, then had a fall, then Flatley got a 9.975. All of that just got us a tie with Misery on the rotation, so still 0.275 behind.

Our bar score of 49.525 set a school record even with the fall (which was thrown out)

Huh? We had four falls off beam last week and had a 194 for the night. Huuugely disappointing.

I know absolutely nothing about gymnastics, every time I start watching it I see all these different scores and I’m like how can you tell who’s actually ahead…

It’s not easy, Billy, especially since they alternate routines and scores don’t come up immediately. I keep the live stats up when I’m watching which helps me keep track.

Yeah that’s why I really have not had a big interest in following it I am lost as a ball in high weeds when I try to watch it.

I don’t think we’re going to win; Misery has had a very good meet. But I think we’ll score well over 197 which is what we need for ranking. Maybe even challenge the school records of 197.475 earlier this year against LSU.

I can definitely see why the young men would want to be at the match though LOL

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The floor was the death knell for our chance to win

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Looks like attendance is outstanding. Any numbers given yet?

Yep. Norah and Bailey both had problems. Just like last week; three good rotations and the fourth one killed us. No way to get 197 now

We wound up at 196.650, Misery finished at 197.850, a school record for them.

Just can’t put 4 rotations together right now. Disappointing that we didn’t do better on floor. Where was Leah tonight?
Just gotta tip your cap. Mizzou was awesome tonight.

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You have to think: “Where did the Missouri program come from, to rise so fast?”

It seems to be a quality program, just as we desire ours to be.

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The 196.65 coupled with the horrid 195.400 last week leaves the Gym’ Backs’ averages falling when the current national top eight are above 197.100. Every week seems to bring a new rotation exercise crisis. I would have never predicted the Floor rotation performance last evening. Even with one miscue by a veteran the Gym’Backs had a chance until a second miscue by another veteran. So far this season the Gym’Backs have experienced a breakdown in Bars, Vault, Beam, and now Floor. If the low season scores for each rotation could be tossed then perhaps a composite 197.200 but instead we are outside looking in.

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