Gymnastics today vs. Georgia

Was supposed to be Friday at Stegeman Coliseum, but had to be moved off campus due to concrete falling from the ceiling at Stegeman (which makes Barnhill look thoroughly modern). Good thing the Georgia hoops team had a road game yesterday at the Poultry, which it lost. So today will be at the same arena in Duluth, Ga.,where the SEC gymnastics championships will be in two weeks. Starts at noon CT; no streaming, which is not surprising given the change in venue.

Anyway, Gymbacks are ranked 17th and Jawja is 18th, so both are trying to get into the top 16 for national seeding. We have to quit having disaster rotations like the beam against Kentucky or the floor against Misery.

Well, according to the UGa website there will be streaming after all.

Can’t find it–not listed under Gymnastics

I can’t find it either, but that’s what the Jawja website said.

In the meantime, halfway through and the Gymbacks are doing well. Scored 49.075 on vault and 49.475 on bars for a total of 98.550. Jawja is at 97.850 through the same two rotations. Maddie Jones got a 9.950 on bars.

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Jawja scored 49.175 on the beam. We scored 49.325, with Lauren Williams getting a 9.925. Overall is 147.925 for UA to 147.500 for Jawja. Anything 49.075 or higher on the beam and we get another 197, which is needed to get the NQS up.

BTW, #16 Ohio State got a 196.700 Friday night, so we definitely should make up ground on them toward that top 16 ranking. Gymbacks finish with a home meet Friday at BWA against Minnesota.

Gymbacks win, 197.150 to 196.875. Norah Flatley won the all-around at 39.550. Norah and Cami Weaver both got 9.925 on the beam to seal it.


As I understand it, NQS is you take the three best home scores and the three best road scores, throw out the high score and average the other five.

Thrown out: 197.475 vs LSU
Counted: 197.400 vs. Florida
197.150 at Georgia today
197.125 at Metroplex Challenge
196.675 at Auburn
196.650 vs. Misery

The five counting scores add up to exactly 985, so the NQS average is exactly 197. A 197 average last week would have ranked 13th, but other schools had good scores as well (#15 AZ State had a 197.725) so we’ll see how that affects the rankings when they come out.

Too bad we could push that 197.150 to a 197.400 but you are right according results from this weekend. We exceed Ohio State and are barely behind AZ State. Our problem remains consistency with multiple miscues in rotations where we have previously demonstrated ability and skill.

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The thing about the rankings is you get to toss those scores out. It’s like the botch jobs against Bama and Kentucky never happened. Also, the SEC meet can count as an NQS score, so we have two more opportunities to move up. and anything under 196.650 never happened.

Obviously we can’t afford a bad rotation in the regional, but as long as we get a top-16 ranking we’ll get a good seed in the regional.

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The team consistency rotation line graph has the weekend’s separate rotation scores but i can’t find the composite scores. has the breakdown for each rotation. Same NQS equation applies to each apparatus.

Our NQS for floor before today was 49.360. which was 16th (49.325 today)
Beam was 49.170, which was 18th. That should improve today. We got 49.225 on beam.
Vault was 49.270 (14th) 49.125 today, so not much help
Bars were 49.295 (13th). Today was 49.475.

Today’s win put us at 7th in the SEC standings with a 2-5 record; Georgia finished last at 1-6. Our other dual win was against LSU.

And this blows people’s minds, but dual meet record is irrelevant to the rankings. I found a story from the Salt Lake City paper written in late February 2021. It specifically noted that the Gymbacks were ranked #7 at that time even though their dual record was 2-4. But in those four losses, the scores were good enough to get that top 7 ranking (I looked it up; our NQS that week was 197.038, so very close to our numbers after today, but the ranking was much better).

Right…look at the third selection at the top entitled “team consistency”.

The one that is telling is 100 top scores that present the highest team score possible if everyone got their high score in a single meet. Arkansas as an overall 198.6250, If you compare that to Florida with 199.2500 or Kentucky with 198.6500 we have made progress in performance but not in avoiding the miscues that pulls our score down from 198.6250 to 197.0000 range.

The Wallets keep hanging up those 10s. Hard to keep up with those when we’ve never gotten a 10 in school history.

Florida (ranked #2) went to #1 OU Friday night and lost, 197.950 to 197.700. Floor killed them on that one; only 49.175. Until then they were leading the Paperclips

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I prefer to think that if we put a really good meet together we can advance out of regionals, which is the top 8 (or at least no worse than second in our region). Then the top two in each pool of four advance to the final night. That would be a huge accomplishment.

Regionals, by the way, are at Denver, Los Angeles, Norman and Pittsburgh with geographic assignments, the same weekend as the Final Four. I think you can safely assume that the Clips will stay home. UCLA is #5; they’ll stay home. Denver U is #10; they’ll stay home as a 3 seed. Michigan might get sent to Pittsburgh, although Florida might go there as well as the highest ranked team in the Eastern time zone. Utah probably goes to UCLA or Denver as the top seed there. I could see us being the 3 or 4 seed in Norman. LSU might be the 2 seed in Norman or Denver, with Bama the 2 at the other one.

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Thanks for giving us a thorough update. Our Gymbacks are worthy of our support. They obviously work extremely hard and I hope they have a great finish for the year. The 6-year seniors will be gone soon and this outstanding group of frosh and sophomores will be building on their contributions from the COVID period.

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I wish the schedule had worked out a little differently for this coming Friday. Baseball is at 3 PM and Gymnastics (last home meet at BWA) is at 6:45. I may need to come home between the two to take care of the dogs. That may screw up my chance to make it to BWA in time to see much of the meet. I can wish for a quick baseball game, but that only happens when I don’t care what time the game ends.

Root for quick run rule

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OU was edged out today at Ann Abor by Michigan by one-tenth of a point.

OU had beaten Florida by point 0.25 Friday night in Norman.

Arkansas is now ranked 16th with Missouri and Georgia at 17th and 18th. AZ State is 14th with Ohio State 15th. Both of those programs scored higher this weekend than the Gymbacks - AZ State (197.7250) (and OSU (197.6000) against the Gymbacks 197.1500,

The Suckeyes had two meets this weekend. Friday night they scored 196.700 against BYU. Then on Sunday they scored 197.600 against Illinois and Kent State.

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