Gymnastics--SEC channel at 1:30 am?

(Whoops. SEC has scrubbed this event from prime time. It will now be shown at 1:30 am)

Hogs vs Tide at 7:30 tonite, but shown at 1:30am… Fingers crossed our depth and talent prevail. Bama is good, not great. Their strengths are floor and vault. They are just mediocre on bars.

This event is winnable. Let’s hope for that 197.+, Marty and Jeff.

I’m here and Wright will join me shortly.
Gym’backs strengths are beam and floor. It should be good.

If you had asked me, I’d have said the one thing I’d bet Alabama was good in, it’d be the bars. But then I realized you were talking about the gymnastic kind.

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They are especially good in the streets too, if you saw that covid explosion picture after the Championship game.

Arkansas performed super well tonight and got their 197.0, but Bama bested them. Hogs had a little trouble on the beam, and I did not see vault. Something happened there that hurt the scores.

I watched it on the app live. Hogs scored 197 even, Bama scored 197.325, their best team score in four years. Vault was sub-49 for Arkansas; we won the last three rotations but it was too late. Kennedy Hambrick crashed her landing and we had to count a 9.725 and 9.750 on vault.

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