Gymnastics Nationals

Maggie Oโ€™Hara competed on the bars today.

How did she do? Well she sits in 2nd place after the first semifinal.


Kennedy Hambrick will compete in the individual all-around tonight. She will be rotating with Oklahoma.

Kennedy got a 9.9 on the bars and just did a fantastic job on the beam (9.9125).

The individual events are being shown in their entirety on the ESPN app, while the general coverage is on ESPN2.

She (along with OU) will go to the floor next, followed by the vault. All of the individual events are available on replay.

BTW, those OU girls have really been cheering for Kennedy. And during one of the OU floor routines, I saw Jordyn and Kennedy dancing to the music. They all pull for each other.


Floor: 9.9125

From yesterday:

Hambrick finished fifth in the all-around in the second session at 39.6125, best I can tell. Paperclip girl won it with 39.7875. Two girls in the first session topped her score as well. I have no idea of the format, if sheโ€™ll compete again tomorrow, etc.

I think that the all-around competition was today, but Iโ€™m not entirely sure. She certainly did a very good job and looked impressive.

Jordyn needs to find out where Mobilehoma is finding these girls and go get some. They score 198+ routinely; our school record is what, 197.6?

It was a great showing for Kennedy! Thanks for representing Arkansas so well. Also, a thanks to OU for showing the caring and sportsmanshipโ€ฆ


A great performance and a nice gesture from the OU team.
These girls know the grueling long hours of work necessary to perform at this level and their acknowledgement reflects well on their program.

Letโ€™s just hope Kennedy doesnโ€™t take the one-time transfer to Norman. Paperclips are rolling in that sport.

I noticed on Twitter that a girl from UCLA rotated with LSU yesterday and not only did the SAO girls cheer her on, they learned her floor routine so they could do it with her on the sidelines.

I believe it is respect and recognition for the grit and sacrifice they share for reaching really difficult levels of

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Probably the one sport that practically requires a lifetime of hard work and discipline from a very early age to this point. Day in and day out.
Always a big genuine smile after each routine.
Talk about respect!

Michigan won the national title by the way. They scored 198.250 to OUโ€™s 198.1625; it came down to the last routine. Abby Heiskell of UM got a 9.925 on beam; if itโ€™s 9.825, OU wins. Utah was third, Florida fourth.

Tough bunch of competitors.

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