Gymbacks vs. Florida

Tonight at BWA.

Starting this to note that, 1, it is happening, and 2, the girlfriend has demanded a long-overdue date night so I will not be watching and posting updates.

Florida is ranked #2 (Hogs #18) so a win would be a huge upset, but hopefully, Jordyn’s girls continue their trend of much better scores. Another big crowd would be nice too.

Put it this way: Florida’s average score so far this season is higher than the school record total the Gymbacks posted against LSU last week. They would have to have a really bad night for us to win.

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Here is Tom’s preview:

Date night postponed to Sunday; she’s not feeling well and I’ll be at the Chicken Coop tomorrow. So I’ll be posting updates as usual.

and at Bama–expect loss to Auburn Tiggers tonight in a full house of 15,000+. A sell-out here also. Just hope Hogs score tops Bama tonight; need to keep climbing ladder.

Suni Lee-10.0 on bars Wow!

Blanco-10.0 on beam!!

Lee-second 10!!! On beam. Incredible, but think Bama will win.


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I missed the meet at BWA last year (I must have been ill) so this will be a first for me. I’m looking forward to it.

Jordyn has said that she wants the team to build as the season progresses. It seems they are doing that.

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Just wrapping up at CoMo: #10 Kentucky at #14 Misery. Both ranked ahead of us. Jellycats finished with 197.275, which is above their average; Misery at 196.600, which is below their average, so we might be able to pick up some ground in the rankings.

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First rotation (vault for us, bars for the Wallets): Hogs 49.275, UF 49.625. Leanne Wong of UF got a 10.0. Florida is the best bars team in the country and I can see why. No bobbles, every landing stuck. 49.625 equaled their season high.

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Florida is really, really good.

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Looks like a really good crowd. Since we determined the lower bowl at BWA seats about 13K, I’m guessing at least 11K.

Gymnastics can be profitable for the schools. Easily 14,500 here tonite. Some high scores too

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Florida gets 49.400 on the vault, Hogs get 49.300 on bars. Wallets lead 99.025 to 98.575.

We’ve had one 9.9 on each apparatus so far. Florida is practically throwing out 9.9s.

We’re making up some ground in this rotation. :crossed_fingers:

Wow, she stepped out of bounds bigtime! That’s a big deduction for the Wallets.

FLA is going to have to count the 9.725.

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Yep, after the 9.625. And we might get to toss out a 9.8 on beam.

Norah fell off so we will keep the 9.8.

Gators lead is down to .350 after third rotation, 148.275 to 147.925. That fall by Norah could be huge. We got to toss that out but it meant keeping a 9.8.

I don’t recall seeing girls compete unattached or exhibition or whatever they call it at past meets. It’s a little confusing to watch but good experience for them to get out there with a big crowd and judges.

Attendance: 11,031

I guessed pretty close.

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The exhibition routine has been used in past years, but this is the first time I’ve seen it this year.

One difference is that they have not noted the routine is for exhibition.

Entirely possible I just wasn’t paying attention in the past.

I think in a couple of years, all the Gymbacks meets will be at BWA. Barnhill will be volleyball only.