Gymbacks vs Alabama

On SEC Network now.

It’s in the first rotation now, but they came up with a tidbit that does not surprise me. According to College Gym News, the two toughest gymnastics schedules in the country are Arkansas and Alabama.

Seems like we ALWAYS have the toughest schedule. In everything.

Bama is ranked 8th to our 16th and should probably win, although Jordyn tweaked the lineup a bit to get some more experienced girls on the floor tonight.

Bama leads 49.300 to 49.150 after the first rotation.

Hogs had a bad second rotation, losing 1.25 points to the Tide on the bars while Bama was on the vault. We had to count two falls on the bars.

Couldn’t make up anywhere near that much, although we did recoup 0.325 on balance beam while Bama was on floor exercise. Neither team scored as well as they did last weekend in their season opener. We won the last two rotations, but bars dug too much of a hole to overcome.

Final was Bama 196.475, Arkansas 195.575. Arkansas’ Norah Flatley won the all-around at 39.575.

Bars were brutal.

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Yeah somebody did a face plant when she missed the bar.

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Arkansas won 3 of the 4 rotations, but the bars were brutal. Arkansas won or tied for the individual award in each rotation. Laura Flatley easily won the all-around for the Gym’backs.

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Yep after the Bama girl crashed on the beam. I wasn’t sure she would even finish the routine, she fell so hard.

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The beam is dangerous and I rarely watch a beam routine cause I’ve seen crashes just like that over the years.

Yes, there were two plants and an ooooff (she landed on the lower bar on her stomach).

Not to worry. Bars are fixable. Except for the plants and oooooff, all our girls had great positions and complexity and solid landings to their bar routine–enough to score well at most events.

That bean the Bama women hit didn’t any give…She had a little break to her fall but she demonstrated the necessary toughness of this sport in finishing her routine.

she’ll have a nasty bruise today.

These girls are probably as FIT as any UA athlete, maybe not Track / CC, but very FIT.

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