Gymbacks up to 18th in the rankings

Climbed from #23 after a program-record 197.475 last week against LSU at Barnhill. The average score so far is exactly a point lower, 196.475.

Mobilehoma leads the nation at 197.969 average. Florida is #2 at 197.700; Auburn, LSU and Kentucky are also in the top 10, and Bama, Misery and Jawja are ranked ahead of Arkansas.

If you want to follow the rankings and meet scores, they’re updated at, click Women at the top.


Is our meet this week televised or streamed, Jeff?

That would be streamed, Friday at 6:45.

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Another 197.475 in building that early season average is key for continued movement. Florida’s 197.700 average with a high of 197,900 last week against UGA is a high mountain to climb for this young team-improving team.

Some interesting additional information: Arkansas is nationally 7th on Floor and 13th on Vault with Balance Beam (16th) and Uneven Bars (33rd). Arkansas’s previous uneven bar miscues against Bama continue to hold their ranking outside the top 15. It is of note that Arkansas would have beaten Bama in the final score at Tuscoolosa had only one fall in the uneven bars occurred, Bama only won the Uneven Bars in four rotations. Last week against LSU, Arkansas won three of four rotations with sufficient points to have the higher final composite score.


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