Gymbacks score 197.350

And beat Misery at Barnhill. They got off to a slow start with some early mistakes on the bars but really nailed the last two rotations. Kennedy Hambrick won the all-around at 39.75, a school record.

AND 197.350 is a school record team score. Won’t hurt their #5 national ranking at all, might pull them up a spot or two.


and damn Mizery kept pushing also, really good meet. Future is bright for gym hogs

I looked at the rankings last night after I posted this. Mobilehoma jumped over us to #4 with a huge score of 198.225 last week. If we hadn’t had problems on the bars we might have had a 198 or close to it. We had to count a 9.6 because another girl had a 9.3. If you’re gonna score 198 you need to be throwing out 9.8s. We were actually trailing Misery after the bars but passed them on beam while they were on floor.

OU hung up another big score last night, BTW, in a four-team meet at NC State, so no home cooking from the judges. They got 197.475, even higher than ours. Bama is right behind us and got 197.725 against LSU. The Scum will be in Barnhill next Friday, BTW.

Is there any college sport like gymnastics where you are at mercy of judges and not really in control of opposition. Maybe diving? Or equestrian?

College sports, yeah. I think college equestrian is the same way (we don’t have it but Auburn, Georgia, SoCar and A&M do). You’ve kind of touched on one of my pet peeves. To me, if you have to have a judge tell you who won, it ain’t a sport, it’s an athletic competition. Those girls are unbelievable athletes but having to wait for the judges to post the score is worse than sitting through a replay at a football game. At least at the football game you generally know what happened and are waiting for the zebras to confirm it.

Another weird thing about gymnastics is that even though you have a meet against another team (Misery in this case), winning and losing really doesn’t matter. The rankings are solely based on scores. You could lose every meet but hang up huge scores and wind up ranked ahead of every team that beat you.

And for the gymnasts, beating personal bests and adding difficulty throughout the season seems to be part of the process. And managing injuries while also training seems to be a huge deal, too. College gymnastics is more grueling than elite gymnastics where there are only 3-4 meets a year. They compete many more times than that in college.

You are exactly right Clay. The impressive thing about the Gym’backs this year is that they have been improving all year. There have been a few mistakes (witness the meet with Kaintuck last week), but the advance each week has been obvious. We had a really good coach before, but Jordyn Wieber is going to take this team to new heights.

Attended for first time last night…father of two daughters.

Energy, enthusiasm, entertaining. I’m a baseball guy and without hesitation will say I loved it.

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Good. These events are just super for families, especially families with young, aspiring daughters. Lots of fun for all youngsters, and their parents. Fun for us oldsters too.

Gymnastics is grueling even at a young age, which is when most of these girls start. My daughter started at 7 or 8 years old and was considered a late starter.
She was a gymnast up until Jr High then switched over to cheerleading as did several others - girls & boys. Wound up in Nat Cheerleading Comps every year and made it as high as Nat Runner Up one year. For 6A school in Bakersfield, CA. (Centennial High). But it was that gymnastic background that made them excel. She could do continuous back hand springs almost the length of a football field.

I would say playing football against Auburn and LSU sounds like what your are describing, lol. Basketball vs Kentucky most years.