Gymbacks open the season tomorrow at Nebraska

3 p.m. Will be streamed on BTN+ if anyone wants to hunt it down.

First home meet is next Friday at 7:15 against Bama, on SEC Network.

Since you mentioned Bama, they are beating Michigan State rite now, but I’m not impressed. Very early in the year. Smallish crowd~7,000.

According to YTTV, I have BTN+. But the live guide does not show any listing for BTN+ programming.

Oh well.

BTN+ is likely same as SECN+?
Streaming only?


I checked the Gym’backs page, here is the link to the stream.

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Thanks, Marty. You might want to title this helpful message in its own post.

As best I can figure unless you have a BTN+ in your sports package, access to the match will cost a monthly BTN+ subscription. It appears a one-month access via Nebraska is $9.95.

Thanks @redpig. I tried the link and it wants a subscription (as you said).

The options are as follows:

This content can be seen with the following access

  • Annual Conference Pass
  • Monthly Conference Pass
  • Annual School Pass Nebraska
  • Monthly School Pass Nebraska

Since the meet is not listed on my YTTV live TV schedule, I’ll pass (and not with the kind that I pay for.)

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