Gym'backs on SEC network at 7:30

Tonight is the opening meet of the gymnastics season. Arkansas is at LSU this week and hosts LSU in Barnhill next week. The gymnastics season this year is all SEC meets. That means that the season in gymnastics is just as tough as the football season was.

I’ve been told that I will get my tickets on Monday or Tuesday.

:boar: :woman_cartwheeling:

They looked really good last night! If not for the one slip on the balance they would have beaten LSU.

Yeah, that was the frustrating part for our ladies. They actually outperformed LSU, but that point deduction on the slip cost them the “meet, match, contest” I’m not familiar enough to know what they call it. But our ladies are really good and worth the watch.

I am greatly encouraged. As the commentators discussed, their stamina needs to be built.

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