Gymbacks move into top 16

Which would get them a seed in the NCAA regionals at the end of March. Moved up one spot to 16th with NQS of exactly 197.000, as I calculated last night. Ohio State’s NQS also increased in spite of a lower score (but a lower score can allow you to throw out a score that’s even worse; the Suckeyes have a higher best score than we do as well). We passed Misery to get into the top 16; the Zou-Kittens dropped from 14th to 17th.

SEC rankings: Florida 3, LSU 6 (remember we beat them at Barnhill), Murder U 8, War Chickens 9, Jellycats 12, us 16, Misery 17, Jawja 18.

Minnesota, which is coming to BWA Friday night, is #19.

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Maybe we can finally get a few 10’s. We’ve been so close.

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They are fun to watch. Great competitors.