Gymbacks lose to Auburn

196.500 to 196.035.

This was the third time I’ve seen the ladies perform this season, and easily the worst performance of the three, even on the home floor at Barnhill. Again, I don’t know the nuances of gymnastics, but I know falls and stumbled landings when I see them, and we had too many of both.

They scored as high as you can with that many falls. I believe the strategy is to add difficulty as season progresses. So the more risk.

They are getting blown out and are getting better. On time with more competition and higher degree of difficulty those “L’s” will turn into “W’s”!
They compete. That’s the key.

I attended the meet… lots of individual awards but as a team just came up short… if they’d not missed on at least one of the bars or the beam they’d have won… My first time going and it was great… !

:blush: love that this sport is growing in NWA.

was a great crowd… did a lot of cheering etc… was fun, I’d recommend going … my grandkids loved it

Yeah the crowd was excellent. Close to a full house

And at Bama–for some reason that I can’t understand, their last crowd was off by 2-3,000 (maybe about 8,000?)–and it was against Arkansas. I’ve been attending Bama’s gymnastics for perhaps 20 years and have never seen such a small crowd, despite all weather conditions. Hope it doesn’t continue. This sport can easily attract crowds in excess of 10K in a populated area like NWA.

I say that because Tuscaloosa area supports the Bama gymnastics, and does not receive support from Birmingham. Very few from Birmingham come to these events. Tuscaloosa area has to be just a little smaller in population than NWA.

T-town metro (three counties) is 221,000. Pop of Washington/Benton/Madison counties are 525,000.

That explains why there are so many better restaurants in NWA, BUT, I bet there are more motel rooms, and apartment complexes, available in Tuscaloosa.

They have announced another 2-3 motels for Tuscaloosa recently. Hard to believe.

Not in Barnhill they can’t. I think eventually gymnastics will be in BWA.

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