Gymbacks getting thumped at Florida

Which was entirely expectable, against the #3 team in the country on the road. Florida leads by 1.800 points (147.950 to 146.150) with one rotation left.

I don’t know enough about it to know if we’re getting home cooking from the judges, but on the first two events Florida had the five best scores. Maybe they just have five women better than anyone we have. Hogs just finished floor exercise with a 49 score while the Wallets got 49.475 on balance beam; that was our best event score so far. Another 49 on the beam would get an opening score of 195+ which isn’t bad. Georgia got a 195.100 in its first meet last week.

Crowd of 7,000+ at the O-Dome by the way. Still working on that at Barnhill.

Looks like Jordyn Wieber has some work to do to get us (preseason #19 team) up to the level of Florida and LSU, but seems to be an OK start.

Only 48.250 on the beam for Arkansas, so we wound up with 194.400. Even I could tell we were having problems on the beam; a couple of girls nearly fell off.

Florida scored 197.350. Mobilehoma also got a 197.350 last week in its first meet, best in the nation so far.

Give coach a little more time and she will get the Gymbacks rolling. That’s a rough place to have to compete.

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Rankings in Gymnastics are based entirely on scores. That was how we were ranked last year without winning a meet until late in the year.

I saw a few minutes of tonight’s meet. Florida was on bars and Arkansas on the vault. The start value (maximum score) for Arkansas was 9.95 for several athletes. The start value for Florida was 10.

Arkansas had some decent vaults, but failed to stick any landings (that I saw). Florida had some beautiful routines, hitting hand stands and nailing the landings. Arkansas has work to do, but I expect them to be much better by the end of the year.

Thanks Jeff. I can remember when you weren’t so enthused for the Gymbacks.

I’ve always been enthused for all our athletes, Fred, even though I still think if you need a judge to tell you who won, it ain’t a sport, it’s an athletic competition. And our gymnastics team is generally pretty good, although as I noted Jordyn’s got some work to do. I am definitely not one of those who looks at football, basketball and baseball and ignores the other 16 sports.

BTW, Bama scored 196.025 vs Auburn’s 196.625 last night at Auburn.

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