Gymbacks beat Nebraska today

196.225 to 195.000 at Devaney Sports Center in Lincoln

Norah Flatley scored 9.85 on vault and 9.90 to win both events. We didn’t have anyone do the all-around so NU took that.

Next up is Bama at Barnhill Friday night.


and Bama scored 196.9 something with home cooking scoring. With Bama’s first road competition and the Hogs being at home, maybe that will even things out. Oh, Bama has a new, fairly inexperienced (IMO) coach.

Thanks for the report. I decided not to do the subscription after not being able to sign in for the lower 9.95 rate on Roku.

On the all-around, Jordyn Wieber announced earlier we would not compete in the all-around. This announcement was part of this wide-ranging season preview zoom press conference:

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