Gymbacks beat Auburn

Two straight wins for the ladies, who seem to be settling in despite a couple of significant injuries. Hogs scored 196.375, best so far this season, to 196.075 for host Auburn. Hogs were ranked #24 this week to #18 for Auburn, but that score should move them up a few spots. Previous best score was 195.825 last week in beating #6 Bama. So I guess they’re Alabama state champs now. They take on #2 LSU next week at Barnhill.

I missed the first rotation (Bars), but the Gym’backs had their highest score of the year on that apparatus.

I was there the night that Amanda Wellick was hurt in warmups. The team did not handle that well, not that I blame them. Since then, they have steadily improved.

They are a VERY young team.

I looked at the national rankings, which are based on an average of team scores. They had a horrible score the night Wellick got hurt, which will drag down the average for the rest of the season. So tonight’s score, even though it would have won all five of our duals this year, doesn’t help that much. We might only move up one place in the national ranking.

Have seen LSU. They are incredible. Hope Hogs win, but hope Lady Tiggers put on their normal show also. It’s a real treat and you should enjoy, regardless.

Bama had crowd of 14,400 last night in beating Florida.