Gym'backs add All-American grad transfer


I am confused. Why should she have any eligibility left?

She is a graduate transfer. I would expect that she has a Covid year available.

Yeah, I just thought 4 years was max no matter what.

Then you have not been paying attention, Bob. Chris Lykes played five years of college basketball. So did Stanley Umude. Grant Morgan played five years of college football.

I remember at one time at least, if you played some and got injured, you were eligible for another full year.

frankly, I have not kept up the last few years.

If you were on a roster when we shut down seasons (Covid) then you get five to play (even if that puts you at six with a redshirt). That’s everyone (freshmen to seniors).

Thanks Clay. Welcome to the retiree world, or at least part of it.

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