Guys, this one hurt

I guess that is a good thing. In the past few years, I would just watch and say “Oh well.” Well this one hurt and still bothers me at 10:18 MST. I must be caring again!

All I will say about the officials is that Curls is totally and completely incompetent. I really do not think he is bias. I think the guy is just pain bad and has no business calling Power 5 football. It is that simple.

Everybody is talking about 3rd downs and the offense etc. It is pain to see. The Oline , while improved, is a long, long ways from SEC quality. You want to sustain a drive and make first downs you need to be able to run the ball and to do that, you need solid Oline play. Most of the time Franks is running for his life due to poor or missed blocks. I am sure no one knows that better than Sam and there is no one better to fix it. This cost us the game, not Curls (who is very, very, very poor).

I thought our defense played so hard to be without a bunch of its front line players. We do not have the depth for that. Those guys laid it all on the line and did well. they only gave up 20 points. That should win most games.

I really believe if we played those guys 10 times, we would win 7 of them. That is what makes it worse.

Come on Sam. Go get you some real SEC linemen! We have, what, six open spots. Get those big guys that can play in the SEC!


Hurt because we should have won. It’s the first time I have felt like this in a long time. Could have really boosted Sam’s recruiting and it’s a setback.
We will just disagree strongly on Curle’s calls costing us the game. Every game ever played has mistakes that you can go back and say if we did yada yada. We get that fumble the whole game can change. If we get that fumble we might run away with the game. If is every game. There is no if when an official takes the game from you. Catalon was a bigger thing than the other calls.

I’m with you Jim. Woke up at 2am and my first thought was the loss. (actually my first thought was I gotta pee) I too am proud of those DL guys that gave it their all. We have to get bigger and better in the OL. We missed the two OL guys out.

Good to be excited again.


Yeah we’re a very long ways away from being elite on the OL,we don’t anybody that we can run behind,not one powerful run blocker on the whole line, we either have to start recruiting bigger stronger OL or our strength coach has to get these guys much bigger and stronger.
We have to get better in every area especially on both sides of the line, it will take us 2-3years to get that done ,next year may be hard to watch because we will have to be breaking in a quarterback with absolutely no experience and that’s the quickest way to lose a game in this league,why I think we may look to bring in a Transfer

Youdaman I’m guessing we end up bringing in a grad transfer QB. I think too much of a drop off to hand the reins to the young guys. Also I wonder if we can get some grad transfer lineman. With Pittman’s reputation (ie think of the Tennessee guys wanting to talk to him at games end), I bet he could get an older offensive lineman or two that he may have originally recruited.

I just edited my post to say that

We could have won even with Curles incompetence. But you can bank on it, he is consistent against us. I don’t know when teams are notified who the refs are for each game. But we need to throw in the Curles factor in the game plans.
He isn’t the only incompetent SEC ref just the most consistent.
The review booth / office is from the same mold to.

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What hurts the most is we should have wins over Auburn and LSU in Coach Pittman’s first year. It’s a setback in recruiting. I understand the failures on 3rd down and the oline not being strong enough all that. But Pitt could be recruiting right now today with wins over Auburn and LSU. That really hurts.

Yes should have 2 more wins at this point. Well 1 more is actually fact.
But it could be a great selling point for the stud Olinemen recruits. Playing time plus CSP’s reputation with linemen. Other positions we seem to be doing fine with also.
Not to long ago we all just wanted to see better effort knowing the possibility of getting skunked this year with the toughest schedule. I think AR is still ahead of the curve.

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