Guys slow down in pursuit, or back up to make a tackle?!?

Ken is telling the truth, unfortunately, we aren’t tough at all. Sure we may have some tough players but we don’t grind and play hard on defense. Defense is surely about lining up correctly and playing good technique, but at times want too can make be the difference. It’s pathetic that our coaches allow this type of effort, this team is lost without a leader as a coach. The saying nice guys finish last is very true in regards to Bielema’s tenure at Arkansas. Players don’t have to like their coach to play hard for him, they must respect him and trust what he is coaching them to do. I think their is no ownership from the players inside the program as a whole, they have become like their coach they talk a good game but words are cheap. I do believe we may not have too level talent but we do have talented players capable of playing better football. Let’s hope we can get a coach to coach these guys.

Yes sir Ken is telling it like it is. He hit the nail right on top with a hammer! WE don’t do that, we play to soft. I like the saying STOP DIGGING! We’re digging us a hole now that will take some divine intervention. Well I’ll back off that but at this point there is not much hope.

And I put that on the coaches. Where is the passion, drive and motivation coming from?

I’m going to put that right on CBB. I have said this from the start, CBB coaches about like the players play. SOMEBODY help me out here. Cbb just walks around a little bit like it’s a walk in the park. Where is the fire from our coach. Somebody when I’ve posted this said “O they get on them you just don’t see it” See WHAT? I tell you what I see is a coach that is not engaged at all with his players during the game. So reporters is it different during practice?

If I could ask BB one question it would be why do you not get after some of these players after a missed block, missed tackle. YELL, do something. If you always do what you always did you’ll ALWAYS get what you got.

I’ve posted more than I have in a long time. Was a time when I posted like I have this week & last week. Actually I’m embarrassed as heck and I don’t want to take anymore of this. Yell, scream like other coaches. Cuss a little, do something out of your character or CBB your going down with the ship. STOP DIGGING, or STOP HAMMERING!!

IMO we have better players than what is being shown on the field. Just my 2 cents again.

Do we really have better players than it is showing on the field? I’m not saying you’re wrong, but I’m asking that as a question? Maybe we’re playing up to the potential and just don’t have the players we need. I’m concerned this team is passive, and probably get that from their coaches. I may be wrong, but I haven’t heard of any players-only meetings where the older players or someone chewed on the other players. If the coaches won’t do it, then the players have to police themselves. I know Coach Rhoades gets on the defense; I’ve seen him do it on the sidelines, but passiveness seems to permeate much of the program.