Guys saying they'll attend Sat's scrimmage

LB commit Kaden Henley- will be there

DT signee Cameron Ball- Will arrive Friday

DT Patrick Kutas- is a maybe

TE commit Dax Courtney- believes he’ll be there

DL commit JJ Hollingsworth- wanted to but is going out of town with family

Signee Cole Carson- said he’s not because of no interaction with coaches

Memphis OL Donte Gillard- is a possibility

Athlete Quincey McAdoo- said he can’t. He’s attending an Under Armour camp in Atlanta

Walkon LB Jordan Hanna- Will be there to watch big bro Morgan

What does this mean?

Dead period. Kids can visit but the coaches can’t talk to them.

Even kids that have signed, they are still considered recruits?

I guess so. Will double check.

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I assumed it meant he wasn’t going to get to see the coaches because too busy so he wasn’t going to go, but that too makes little sense.

Confirmed. Same goes with signees. No interaction with coaches on campus.

Just another ridiculous NCAA rule, I don’t know why I should be surprised.

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What possible difference can it make to talk to the coaches after you’ve signed?

Even by NCAA standards that one is a head scratcher.

If they feel like it’s unsafe for prospects to visit, I assume they feel the same with signees.

No interaction with coaches allowed while viewing a scrimmage and anything else they do while there.

Sounds like a set up for a violation. Not even a casual wave or a thanks for showing up.

Can the coaches & recruits still exchange text message while they are there?

Get this, I just found this out. The coaches can’t communicate with them while they’re on campus, but off they can.

And the players aren’t going to be able to interact with recruits after practices. They are way to busy I assume. Just seems like a waste.

Waste? For whom? Any chance you get to get them on campus is a plus for the program.

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