Guys it's KJ

that really concerns me. All last year I have thought that KJ just took to long to get his passes off. And it carries over into this year. When the flood gates open he is way to slow in his progression and the time to run is gone. I can’t think of the word for it but our group kept saying “GO KJ GO” oops to late.

Now I see clearly just how much Burks helped this team & KJ. Throw it up and Burks catches it.

That was why I posted about Haselwood being the guy. It’s just not worked out that way, he’s no Burks.

We’re in trouble guys the warts are showing clearly, NOT GOOD

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KJ a lot of times has nobody to throw the ball too because a lot of our routes are ran too far down the field with nobody underneath for him to drop the ball off to. That is why you see him holding the ball he’s trying to find somebody open and he’s not going to risk a dangerous pass down the field because it will be intercepted.

This is not KJ’s fault it’s the design of the play there needs to be a running back he can throw the ball too or somebody running short that he can throw the ball too. I will admit that the times we have had a running back in the flats he has not thrown the ball to them that is his fault but on those other times where there’s nobody to throw it to that’s nobody’s fault but the design of the play.

This is not a very complicated pass offense there are no combo routes ready to speak of, no short crossing routes that Bobby Petrino used all the time, we don’t use the middle of the field hardly at all.
Most all of KJ’s throws are not easy, he has to make some very tough throws and he’s not throwing the ball as well as he did last year but that’s not because Burks is not here, he simply just not as accurate on some of his throws.
KJ is not playing as well as he can but a lot of times you see him holding the ball you have to realize it’s because there’s nobody open and I will commend him for not trying to make a pass that is too dangerous and might lead to an interception because then everybody talks about those.


As usual, you nailed it!


You have a point, but for the most part this not a progression offense. Its primarily single read on primary, outlet or qb run. Bama covered the 3 options really well as did georgia last year.

Petrinos offense was a classic progression based passing attack.

Lots of teams now throw the intentional 50/50 ball. KJ doesn’t want to throw picks so he’s less likely to throw the 50/50 when a burks type receiver isn’t out there.

Briles has got to get him some more open looks somehow.


I don’t think this offense is all that difficult to defend against when you don’t have an obvious mismatch in talent somewhere.

That is exactly right. There needs to be more routes designed to create separation rather than just depending on our receivers out running the coverage. That’s fine if you have the unbelievable speed to where you can outrun the coverage but most of the times you’re going to have to run routes that help them get open. The more you make the secondary have to make decisions on who to cover the more mistakes they will make and then more open you will see receivers.

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So you’re saying coaching is inept? Hmmmm……thought you said we didn’t have talent

We don’t have the Talent on defense is what I was talking about. We have playmakers on offense that could be used differently in my opinion.

The offense are scored 23 points yesterday and we’re driving when we fumble the ball early in the game. That is enough to win most games.

We are losing games because of our defense. We don’t have enough talent on that side of the ball to compete with the elite offensive teams in this conference there is absolutely nothing a coach can do about that you can sit there and try to say differently all you want to but you would be dead wrong.


The only person wrong is you. No scheme on either side of the ball, we have 4 and 5* on both sides and three stars that are 4th/5th year SR’s. The excuse of talent is BS and you know it.

Why does every QB we face have 10 seconds to throw the ball, and if they don’t throw they run for 50? It has nothing to do with the “athleticism” Orr “skill set” of our players. It’s 100% on the horrible defensive coaches we have. They’re pathetic.

Offense isn’t much better (I mean a HC that prides himself as an Oline coach). Let Will Anderson charge unblocked into the backfield what, 10 times. That’s the way to coach to lose a game.

I feel sorry for the kids, horrible coaching and no clue fans pointing fingers at them, instead of where it belongs.

[quote=“youdaman, post:8, topic:55008”]
We are losing games because of our defense. We don’t have enough talent on that side of the ball to compete with the elite offensive teams in this conference there is absolutely nothing a coach can do about that you can sit there and try to say differently all you want to but you would be dead wrong.

With Bryce Young out of the game, we still could not begin to stop Alabama. That quarterback is a tremendous runner and athlete. Our defense is just weak, specifically the secondary. We were not competitive on defense, as you said, We looked like a high school team on defense.

No scheme, completely on Odom. There is a reason Drinkwitz is the HC at Missery, the former coach got fired.

No you’re the one that is full of BS. The QBs don’t always have 10 seconds LOL We lead the nation in sack.ButWhen we do blitz and don’t get to him we don’t have the secondary talent to be able to run with the receivers they’re trying to cover!!! We don’t have the defensive lineman that can stop the run because we cannot get elite defensive lineman in here. You obviously have never Coached a day in your life because you clearly cannot see that but yet you want to blame the coach LOL that’s funny. I’m not going to waste my time trying to argue with you because you don’t have a clue what you’re talking about.

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If you give a QB time, a receiver will get open. If our opposing QB is waiting 10 seconds then thats not on the dbs… its no pass rush… KJ might have 5 seconds… thats on the oline…

we are all way smarter than our coaches… :slight_smile:

Always have been, that’s why we’ve never won a NC since I was born. Dumbass coaches

Okay great coach baked!! lol Tell us what you would do to make our defense much better since you clearly know everything about football LOL

Teach tackling and how to scheme to overcome deficiencies.

But you know, I was only a basketball coach, I guess in football (since you’re a football coach), you aren’t supposed to teach correct forms or plays, you just point fingers at the kids and say, y’all have no talent which is why we lose.

Teaching tackling is a lot harder than you think it is when the person you’re trying to tackle is more athletic than you are.

But no I want to hear the schemes that you would implement to make our defense much better since you are clearly blaming our coaches I want to hear what you would do??

You can teach form all you want to as a coach but if the kid doesn’t have a talent to implement what you’re coaching him to do then they will make you look like a fool!
Trust me I’ve been on the sidelines and had it happened to me many many times!!
Schemes can help don’t get me wrong but if you don’t have the talent to implement them then you are going to look clueless!! Just like we are doing right now!!

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I think it’s more built on a fit mismatch due to tempo and pre snap movement. Same at Tennessee. If you get some tempo and the defense lines up in the wrong spot we get an optimal scenario run or pass.

Sometimes KB runs an intentional play without a big gain expectation just to set up the following play hoping for misalignment.

When we don’t get the misalignments on defense this offense bogs down or tries something that looks like trickeration.

In Clay’s comparison post, I leaned towards last year’s team being better solely on Burks. He’s the one guy that could change the game. Arkansas doesn’t have a game changer this year.


First off, disguise and mix in blitzes. Not telegraph them. Then if they delay the snap count I would have the guys back up and cover the middle of the field (something that’s been open all year)I would never drop 8 in coverage and rush three, I would also tell the lineman, when you’re facing a QB capable of running don’t go past him (you know Bama told their players that about KJ, and even told the media they told them that).

On offense, if Will Anderson was lined up at end, I would at least have a back or TE chip him and not let him run loose.

That’s just a few things, but we know you wouldn’t have thought of that, because according to you our guys don’t deserve to be taught correctly because they have no athletic ability. Even though they are 4/5* and 5th year SR’s (oh and Bumper was a four star too). Gues you put me in my place,huh.

Have to ask, are you a Texass fan on here just to try to convince everyone we should bad mouth the kids and allow the inept coaching to continue? Or are you Ms Pittman?