Guys in the ugly unis

Better get it going. Or the hated horns will be Final 4 bound. Don’t wanna see that!

Canes are a relentless team.

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Wong team is winning.


Buh bye Fallopians.

Miami performed a hysterectomy on the tournament.


And right on que, Ugly Uni U, aka Wong team, gets off the canvas and lands a haymaker! Down go the horns!

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No more hated teams left. The tourney can proceed.


Miami’s Omier was at ASU last year. Did we pursue him?



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Never had a chance with the bilingual Larranaga.


Larranaga is nice guy and well respected.

LOL! How many times has that happened? This is the kind of dance, where the Prom King is so nice, that you don’t even care that he stole your date.

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It is simply amazing the amount of guys Muss made a priority in the portal have impacted winning…even if they didn’t pick us.
If I was him, I would be even more selective pursuing HS players, because he clearly can identify portal talent.
Pretty sure there is not a single McDonald’s AA in the Final Four.
That is very telling.


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