Guys coming back?

I know it’s a long ways off and I know these decisions are hard on guys wanting to go pro and getting paid. But these are 3 guys that I would love to have back on defense. Pulley, Scoota, and Agim. I know Agim said his plan was to play 3 years and go pro. I personal think he is not there yet and with another year under Chavis defense will benefit him greatly, as it would all of them. Do you guys think they come back or try their luck in the pros? I haven’t heard any talk about Scoota going pro but still put him on the list because I think he is borderline talent wise and he is a junior. Thanks for any input.

I would expect all three to consider leaving. You just hope they get an honest assessment and make an educated decision. A lot of guys think they’re ready to go to the next level when they’re not even close to being ready. I know numerous players from the past that thought they were ready to move on and ended up staying. You’ll probably have some of that after this season.

Pulley told me tonight that he was going to let the big man upstairs tell him what to do in terms of the NFL.

I’m pretty sure he was talking about God and not Coach Chavis

I’m sure all of them will put in their paper work and get the info.

I would be more surprised if Agim came back than the other two.

I know Sosa has stated that as his goal, but do you really think he’ll be drafted early? I don’t think he’d start for Bama or Clemson or LSU or A&M or Georgia…much less the Lions or Jets.

Do you guys think he’ll really leave early? I think Pulley and Scoota are our 2 best draft projections, and I thought Pulley and Dre had no more eligibility???

I didn’t think it was possible to have either back, but I would LOVE to be wrong about that.


I think he might leave early, based on the conversation I had with him about the draft during the summer. I don’t know if he will.

Pulley is out of eligibility, but should be able to earn another year in 2019 if he wants it because of the injury he suffered last year.

Pulley is a Junior Redshirt. Dre is a Senior.

Keeping Scoota Harris next year will be the biggest recruiting win Coach Morris can have. With another year he would be an Arkansas legend, and one of the best linebackers we have had, pushing all-american status.

I would think Sosa, Pulley and Harris are all likely to go to the NFL. That does not mean a certainty, just likely. Are they ready? That wasn’t the question and that’s another discussion. The heart of the season has yet to be played, so it’s way too early to say. How they perform in the next two months will decide that.

Losing both Greenlaw and Scoota after this season would be devastating to our rebuilding defense. That’s one of the reasons why I asked about Parker in another thread - we’re going to need some new leaders at LB’er next year.

Selfishly, I hope that Harris stays around for his senior season, but I wouldn’t blame him if he’s judged ready by the NFL and he gets drafted next spring. He’s got to look after himself and his family.

I thought, when we signed 4 or 5 LB a couple of classes ago, that’s we had finally addressed the position and would be fine by this time. Hasn’t played out that way, however. Looks like Bumper will be an OK player for us, and Henry, Morgan and Lee provide some depth, but we need other first-line players to step up sooner than later. That probably means a Juco LB or two, and patience on some HS guys we’re about to bring in.

This storyline never ends well for us…

none of those mentioned look like any more than practice squad players which is lucrative compared to probable salaries if not in football. 8K per week next year. None have shown me anything that makes them 53 player probable, gottta be real real special to make it as a ST’r with fill in positional capability in a dire crunch. I can’t see where Sosa has anything but practice squad probability if NFL bound next year. Martell Spaight career should be looked at as probable course for our LBrs discussed. How coached up and developed can they get by staying versus hitting a pro regimen??? Oh well, I wish they were as talented as we have tried to make them out to be. The SEC is a huge challenge to succeed in for all mentioned.

Im waiting for the first defender that makes all those teammates around him better. Sosa had that chance but has not yet shown that character to me.

Pulley is going to make a 53 man roster. He’s got too good a skill set not to make it when teams are carrying so many DBs.

Sosa might make a roster, but I could see him as a practice squad guy. He seems to be a bit of a tweener DE/DT, but I could see him as a pass rushing specialist in some schemes. Probably needs a couple of years to work/develop into a situational kind of player.

I think Harris needs to stay for his senior year, but has an excellent chance to be on a 53 man roster if he waits until he’s played four seasons.

I could see Sosa making an impact at the next level similar to how Flowers & Wise did. More opportunity to utilize his skill set with better supporting cast.
Pulley will have success as well, being involved in different packages in the secondary.
Harris probably needs another year at the college level since linebackers need to have more of all around game to make it, not so much situational.

Agree - outside of Harris the other LBs in that class have been non factors to date and are candidates for the thinning of the herd that is coming. A couple of juco LBs that can actually play are a must.

Pulley is the only one I can see is ready for the NFL.Agim and Harris are good players but the NFL is a totally different world. Both need another year in the weightroom and under Chavis defense. But these kids nowadays focus on the one dollar bill in their eyes now and don’t see the thousand-dollar down the road.