Guy on SEC Country

said our 3 candidates should be Strong (yuk) Miles (ok) or Norvell (great)

Would Dan Enos stay on with Charlie Strong? Strong comes with a defensive focus and a much better recruiter than CBB. I could live with that.

He lost all his marbles with the miles suggestion. Bret is far and away better than miles.

I would not hold my breathe waiting for a bunch of fools that hate us to predict our next coach. The SEC network for the most part never has anything good to say about our hogs!

Strong could still turn out to be a guy who could win in the SEC, he did a lot with fewer resources at Louisville. Imploding with the T Sippers proves nothing other than he is not the right guy to dance with the powerful Texas alums, for whatever reason. He cleaned out lots of bad apples in that program who were left by ESPN “analyst” Mac Brown, who of course kissed every burnt orange booster rear end he could find. Tom Herman inherited a lot better program than Strong.

Les Miles found bizarre ways to lose big games despite having the easiest recruiting gig in the SEC. His LSU program did less with more QB talent than any one else in the country not named Notre Dame.

Norvell is the flavor of the month. He does have some Arkansas ties, which is nice. However, and it is a big whatever, he appears to come with the standard caveat for most of these young, hot coaches: “If he gets a good defensive coordinator…”. The Hogs already know how to roll up yards and a lot of points and lose big-what we need is good offense matched with much better defense. Norvell might be the guy, but even at Memphis, where a lot of guys who can’t get into an SEC school can play, the defense has been iffy against AAC competition.

I’m not saying Norvell can’t succeed, but I am saying there is every bit as large a “but” there for him as Strong.

Living in Austin, we do not want Strong.

He did not get a raw deal at TX.

He simply had all the resources in the world and could not get it done.

No way he gets it done at Arkansas situation.

Charlie would be one of the worst possible hires we could make. There was a reason he was passed for many jobs before getting the Louisville job.

There were several reasons Charlie was passed over. Unfortunately, one of them was that he is an African-American with a white wife.

Why in the hell would we want Charley Strong or Les Miles. I want Norvell or one of the other young head coaches that have been mentioned on this board.