Guy called in Bo's Show today who I

completely agree with. He was talking about Chad’s son who is a SOPHMORE at Highland Park in Dallas. Chad flies down every Friday to watch him play. Question is Fayetteville High or wherever they decided to live is not good enough for Chad’s son? Had he been a senior this year it would have made sense but it makes no sense for us and the team to put up with this for another 2 years? I would like to know of another Power 5 HC who is successful and commutes every Friday during football season. Who ever did the hiring should have asked some serious questions about this. I do know 1 thing Frank Broyles would have never hired him if he wasn’t 100% committed to University of Arkansas. If Fayetteville isn’t good enough for his son then Chad Morris isn’t the coach we need for UA. He should have stayed at SMU! Just my opinion but how is CCM going to recruit at Fayetteville if the school isn’t good enough for his son.

Chads son Plays for one of the best HS teams in Texas against much better competition than he would ever face at Fayetteville. Will be a Major D-1 QB, possibly here at AR.

Chad’s son is a junior. As far as preparing him for D-1 Highland Park would be much preferable to Purple Dog High.

Who ever said anything about Fayetteville not being good enough for Chad’s son? He is doing what is in the best interest of his family that will allow his son to finish his high school career in Texas and not disrupt it and move him to Arkansas. From what I understand, Chad’s wife is still in Texas with their son. I could be wrong on that. Richard or Dudley would know I’m sure. With that all said, I have no problem with him being here while his son finishes high school in Texas. Doesn’t matter. Someone asked Dudley last week how do the players feel about Morris going to watch his son on Friday night and what have they said on and off the record. Dudley answered by saying that a lot of the players had no problem with it at all. Matter of fact they liked it because they didn’t have a father figure around. Either passed away or not in their life, so I don’t think it’s a problem with the players either. Can we as fans please stop talking about it? And stop acting like we know what goes on inside the program and that we have all the answers. Give Morris some time. Patience. WPS!

While Dudley and others have found a few examples of college HCs that go watch their sons play on weekends theirteams play at home they have not found another example of an HC that doesn’t travel with his team to road games to do it - not how it’s normally done.

As for fans “not talking about it “when your 2-10 and played horribly on the road everything should be open to scrutiny.

I’m sorry, but you can be supportive of a coach in general but question things you think warrant questioning/criticism.

One reason this program is in the abyss is decision makers and a large portion of the Razorback covering media were not asking enough questions of the last coach and holding him accountable for his many mistakes along the way. WAY too deferential to a guy it was obvious had lost his way.

Support should not require 100% devotion , never questioning, etc.

No we as fans have every right to talk about it. Fayetteville, Springdale, Bentonville are all excellent athletic schools and if none are good enough for the Morris family then he should have stayed at SMU! Believe me it will come up in the future when recruiting at Fayetteville! Name me another SEC school that would allow this to go on with their HC! Oh I forgot this is Arkansas!

So, if I’m reading this right, Coach has not moved his family to Fayetteville? Seems like a serious lack of commitment to Arkansas.

EXACTLY my point!

This is stupid.

Have any of you considered what chandler wanted? Maybe he wanted to stay there, where he has patiently waited for this starting spot at a premier school against premier talent.

It’s time to wake up, Arkansas high school football sucks, and an excellent Arkansas high school football program is a mediocre one in Texas. That’s facts.

It’s his family, and his decision, and if they think it’s the right one than who the hell are any of us to say anything about it. Chandler very well could end up playing for us, and I sure like the fact that he’s developing against real talent opposed to what he would face in Arkansas. Every week he faces many FBS football players, in Arkansas he would maybe face 1 or 2 a YEAR!

Have no problem with the kid staying in Texas to play HS ball.

Do have a problem with a coach making $3mm + a year not traveling with his team to road games, not being with his team for Friday night meetings, meals, etc. It’s a business trip and he should be on the trip as the CEO of a struggling, poorly performing organization that needs their CEO to be completely dialed in and focused on the task at hand.


Free recruiting trip? Take it while you can. Half of this roster is full of guys who can’t win you games so go get every chance you can to evaluate guys who can.i

It’s a win win, all dads should be at their game idc what their job is. He gets to watch and work at the same time. I don’t care if he misses meals with a bunch of FCS talent guys.


So, if I’m reading this right, Coach has not moved his family to Fayetteville? Seems like a serious lack of commitment to Arkansas.

[/quote]It’s my understanding that his wife is with him in Fayetteville and his son is staying with good friends. I may be wrong, but I think that’s what I read. Fayetteville, Bentonville and Springdale are excellent high schools, but compared to Highland Park’s competition, they do not have enough competitors to compare. There’s a reason people want CCM to recruit east Texas and it’s not just because of the plurality of talent there, but the ability of that talent to make an immediate impact because the competition those guys have faced has prepared them. Hopefully Chandler is the 2020 QB recruit for the Hogs.

Tell that to Dad’s overseas in the military, firemen on duty, working the night shift at the factory, etc. I’m sure they’d like to see their kids but they are getting paid to do a job. So is Chad.

The first time Arkansas does not completely embarrass themselves on the road under Morris I’ll consider changing my stance on this. Thus far they have been a train wreck in road games.

Let me rephrase that, dads who have the opportunity to do it.

I don’t really care what we looked like this year.

It’s all about recruiting, until we have more SEC caliber players than not, nothing matters.

He clearly sees the talent deprivation and is working to fix that.

Recruiting wins games, if it means missing. Meaningless flight and dinner then by all means, do it as much and as long as you can. By the time chandler is on campus we should have flipped the roster and then he can focus on catching some sleep on the plane with the team.

We seem to have three camps of fans:

  1. Those who do not like CM, do not think he was a good hire, do not like the job he did this past year, and have no confidence that he will succeed here,
  2. Those who feel the exact opposite, and
  3. Those who are in a wait-and-see mode.

Camp 1 will use this topic as factual evidence to support their views.
Camp 2 will point out that CM will see much better players to evaluate/recruit by seeing his son play than by NOT attending those games.
Camp 3 will wait and see before deciding for themselves which case is closer to the truth.

No matter how many times this topic gets rehashed, no one in any of these camps is going to change their minds … except for Camp 3, and that’s not likely to happen for 2-3-4 more seasons.

Ditto for the GSD…

I’m a camp 3.

I see that it may seem I’m a camp 2, but by no means am I sold on chad.

I like him. I like him mostly because he can flat out recruit and whether people around here ever realize t or not, that’s what matters. Stars absolutely matter, if it didn’t the top ten wouldn’t be loaded with teams that consistently pull top classes.

I just think this is a stupid argument for camp 1.

Camp 1 better hope like hell chad works out, because I’ve said before and I firmly believe, if he doesn’t we are destined to a Vandy like program for a very, very, very long time.

I actually support Chad and put myself in camp three. Plan to renew my season tickets and up my donation which is about all I can do to show my support for the program and the coach during these trying times.

That said, think he’s wrong on this and certainly does give ammo to folks in camp 1. Self inflicted PR wound.


I actually support Chad and put myself in camp three. Plan to renew my season tickets and up my donation which is about all I can do to show my support for the program and the coach during these trying times.

That said, think he’s wrong on this and certainly does give ammo to folks in camp 1. Self inflicted PR wound.

[/quote]I would definitely be in Camp 3–I like Chad and hopes he succeeds because we need stability in the program. However, I do think that this is a “self-inflicted PR wound” only for those who are making it that. It’s a one-time question that needed (and was) asking, but think it’s a non-issue that only becomes a PR wound the more we debate it. Otherwise, I think it will work itself out. If Chad doesn’t succeed, people may point to this issue, but if he does, it’s just another senseless debate that goes nowhere to solve the key problems of the program.

Good grief. Of all things to be concerned about.

Besides, the man see more talent on display each Friday night than he does through the week at practice. Hopefully, he can get some of those to come play for him so there will be talent at Arkansas. there is very little of that now.

I’m in Camp 2 or 3…I think he should move his entire family to Fayetteville regardless of what a 16 year old kid wants. If Chad wants him in TX, I think that says a lot. For a guy that preaches about growing our players to be more than football, this kind of shoots him in the foot.

And we can make a clear judgement on this because he went 2-10. I don’t care how little talent there is on our campus, he can’t have his cake and eat it, too when he loses this much.

The ONLY positive in this situation is if he is able to get a commit from his trips.