Gut feel - NC takes down Oregon State today

Now, even if I’m right, that doesn’t mean Oregon State won’t eventually prevail in their side of the bracket. But if they lose game 1, at the least it will force them to play 5 games to get to the Finals instead of 3 (or 4). The more mileage we can get on their pitching arms, the better.


This really would not surprise me that much…mainly because it is baseball and in one game it often comes down to who gets the 2-out hits to drive in runs.

I certainly tip my hat to Oregon State because it is nothing short of amazing what Coach Casey has built there playing against schools in the Pac-12 that have distinct climate and geographical advantages. But he doesn’t use that as an excuse but rather recruits to it as it seems most of his players are hard-nosed, no-excuse type kids (which as Razorback fans we love). Yes, they have talent (as the draft would indicate) but I think for OSU winning is more about an attitude–a mindset–than anything. I do recall going to an American Legion national tournament as a fairly young man in Greenville, MS and watched a team from Yakima, Washington…and those guys were good. Hearty folks from that region of our country.

Still, having said that, they seem vulnerable once they leave Corvallis. Their field is different, it is almost always cool and drizzly there for games, and they get away from that intimate home-field advantage that they have where the fans are right on top of you. Plus, there is always the elephant in the room that was discussed extensively in a recent issue of SI that I don’t want to get into a discussion about here as I am sure there is much passion on both sides of this argument.

I do hope UNC wins for the reasons Wiz identified…but somehow it is hard for me to believe that it won’t be OSU in the end from that bracket. Not particularly impressed with UNC and Miss St has a chance but they have to stay in the winners bracket IMO.

Really looking forward to the next two days.


I agree with NC over Oregon State. I also don’t believe Oregon State is as good as advertised. They didn’t play a schedule to match any team on our side of the bracket or Moo U or North Carolina.
Put the pitches on their arms.

Yea would be nice I guess if UNC beats Oregon St.
But I just hope 3rd time isn’t a charm for TX against us.

when you get to Omaha all bets are off becasue you just don’t how teams are going to battle the pressure of playing there…But OS is a Great baseball team with 3 1st round picks in the top 5 hitters and another in their Jr Catcher and have no outs in that lineup and all can run Great starting pitcher today and very good defense they are the batter team but anything goes in Omaha,

Wow that Oregon State pitcher is nowhere near in the same pitcher I saw last week. I think he is clearly rattled by the surroundings that’s why we have to have Blaine Knight on point tomorrow.

Currently 4-1 Tar Heels. Wild pitches, etc.

6-4 as the 7th starts…Wiz is looking, well “Super” right now.

Still a lot of baseball to be played . . . but fingers are crossed . . .

Well, I have to say NC is burning some pitchers to win this game. Sets up well for Mississippi State if they can stay hot.

Great win for NC and also goes to show you you play sloppy baseball in Omaha and you probably going to end up losing Lord I hope we don’t come out and play like Oregon state.

I don’t know that there is an “other side” to the Luke Heimlich situation. Well, there are the OSU fans who somehow believe that he pleaded guilty to something he didn’t do. The rest of us are more or less universally disgusted by a confessed child molester. I’m glad MLB was so disgusted that he went undrafted twice in spite of his obvious skills.

Has no business playing college baseball

Wiz you nailed it!

I’m glad Oregon State lost! MLB has enough problems without adding a known problem into the fold! That’s all that needs to be said about that!

You know the deal about the blind pig and acorn . . .

For my “gut feel” on today’s game with Texas, click the link below and play along with me!