Gus's Hot seat starts today!

Aren’t you guys glad we didn’t end up with that?

Very glad. I try to pull for the SEC but rooting for Gus is like pulling for Texas. Seems dirty.

It’s dirty all the way. I can’t root for Gus or the Tea Sippers. Not going to happen.

Way to go UCF!

Glad UCF won, great every time Gus and Aubie lose.

It seems to me that Gus hasn’t done much for Aubrun lately. War dadgum Eagle indeed.

He was smart to get what he did. Auburn panicked and was stupid. He used us. Now let him revel with that never satisfied fan base and thank goodness we don’t have to see him as our coach on our sideline. Enjoy auburn.

Gus has plenty of cash to buy a fire extinguisher to cool his seat! I hope he never wins another game! I can’t stand the man.

He is on a losing streak. :slight_smile:

The guy just beat Alabama and Georgia…2 of the 4 teams in the college football playoffs. He is a heckuva coach. Give the guy his due. If he had chosen to come here a few weeks ago…we would have been pleased. I get the jealousy…he snubbed us. I’m off the bus…like most of us Hog fans, but he is one of the top coaches in college football. You don’t get paid $7 mil if you can’t coach.

Very. And, I’m going to enjoy him being on the tourture rack at AU from here on out.

He is overrated and the fact we let him hold us hostage is ridiculous.

I didn’t want him and agree he is on the hot seat, but I don’t think HE will be on the torture rack. I think he signed the contract realizing fully well that he could be gone in 2 or 3 years. He will take that buy out if it happens and gladly enjoy life. As you know, the rumor was that he only wanted to coach 4 or 5 years more.

He played us and got what he wanted, Auburn will pay the price. I hate that we waited 2 weeks, but otherwise, glad Auburn has to pay more money and we didn’t get him.

Hope he never wins a game again.

Loved every second of it! Almost as much as Petrino crapping the bed against A Fitzgeraldless Misstake team.

I’m sure the Guster feels a little bummed and the hot seat will bother him. But, at the end of the day he can go home and know he is going to get paid a fortune for not doing a very good job. I suspect he does a couple of fist pumps in the mirror.

Our fans are something else!!! Yes, we wanted him when we let CBB go, but as soon as we did not get him, it’s “Oh, we didn’t really want him anyway!”… bahahahahaha…

Not everyone wanted him. I was against him and so were many others. Glad he is not here.

There are probably some doing that. I didn’t want him all long. I posted it at the time. Several times.

:smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

There were lots of us who wanted no part of him and said so, loudly–just like a lot of the AU fans who see him for what he is.

It’s amazing that he has squeezed them for that much money. We are very lucky to have dodged that bullet.

Fourth straight season with at least 4 losses. 1-4 in bowl games. Seems like a pretty average coach that doesn’t deserve to be paid 7 million a year. Auburn will fire him within the next 3 years.

I suspect a lot of buyer’s remorse at Auburn.

I am smiling happily that we didn’t hung
with that roller-coaster because it is very
likely headed down. :smiley: