From where is all of this coming? It keeps growing here. Even Clay said that he thought the Auburn folks were ready for him to leave. That caught my attention.

Still, what do they want? They have won the SEC, and played very close in the NC game. They are winning and have a very good team this season. They are withing 1 game of the SEC Championship. That sounds pretty good to me.

On the other hand, our program is in complete shambles with almost no SEC talent. Why would he consider here?

Something just does not seem right . It does not add up. Maybe so.

Also, this whole deal is going to take a whole lot of $. I mean a whole lot. It could be in excess of 20 mil between payouts to Bret and Auburn. Who is going to write that check? They must think Gus is really the next coming!

There’s been a lot of bad feelings between Gus and auburn. Many of their big boosters want him out and have for a little while now. Seems that it’s pretty known he’s sick of it and wants out too, as does his wife who supposedly said she wants to be closer to her family.

It definitely could be expensive, of Gus isn’t fired or steps down, but if we had to buy him out it would take a ton of money.

I think a lot of the Gus talk depends on the Alabama game, so it doesn’t really have legs until the outcome of that is determined.

Thanks. That makes some sense. A lot I guess. Of course, everything comes down to the Alabama game for those folks, but it still makes no sense. How much better can they be?

I have never been a Gus fan, nor an anti for that matter, but his record seems pretty good to me. Can he win with less talent, and can he get SEC talent, especially linemen here?

One thing I have thought about. Auburn is dirty. Perhaps, he is not buying into that, and perhaps he knows the house is cards is finally going to fall with the FBI and NCAA. I would think anybody would want out of that.

All good questions, could be.

I think Gus could win here, he’s a fantastic offensive mind with great connections to get good assistants here.

As for Auburn, they have some insanely high expectations and it gets worse that they are constantly on Bamas shadow and think they shouldn’t be. 8 or 9 win season at Aubrn doesn’t mean you are safe at all. They think they should be competing for NCs every year.

We will see how everything plays out, who knows could be someone straight out of left field, I doubt it though.

One thing to remember, he’s not getting out of the SEC West at Arkansas. It seemed Auburn was positioning itself for a move to the East. Could Gus get a new start somewhere else and be rid of Alabama (and some other tough games in the SEC West)? I don’t know. Just speculating.

There has been a lot of speculation about just how dirty st. gus might be. He was involved in the recruitment of Scam Newton, but no one seems to know if he was involved in any payments.

There are other things that go back to his time at Arkansas. I’m just well aware that many are as avidly against him as some are for him. Hiring him would just further divide the fan base. I’m sure that there are many fans who would get behind him, if he would just win.

One of the things I hear against Gus about Auburn is his lack of winning big. He won big, followed with 3 seasons of 7 or 8 wins before having another good year. That ain’t good enough for Bama’s little brother and it’s gotten the locals an uproar.


My question…If he is winning 7 and 8 games a year with the talent he pulls in there. How big is he going to win here with lesser talent in the same conference.

Either he is going to start recruiting at the level he is at Auburn - top 10 classes. Or he is going to have to find a way to do more with less

I don’t know the answer. I just sit in my easy chair and watch the games.

The answer to your question is easy. We play for free over here; not so at Auburn. His recruiting would not be level here, in that he will not have the help of his boosters in paying players. He will not be able to recruit at the level he is at Auburn. Period.

Exactly. We have a lot of people that believe Arkansas can recruit with the elite. They believe that we have incompetent coaches that are not able to recruit and if we get the right recruiter, everything will be great and we will magically recruit at Bama’s level.

I don’t think we should give up on recruiting. We should celebrate the 4 and 5 star recruits we do get, but accept the fact we will not be 2 deep with 4 and 5 stars.

I dont know what the answer is. I dont know if Gus and his system is the answer, but the spread can level the playing field somewhat. Maybe it’s time to move to a spread system.

If we want to be a winning football program again then Gus is the hands down choice. He has a great offensive mind and will bring with him great assistant coaches. I don’t want to wait two or three years to have a winning season. Let’s face it, all of the solid coaches are not the easiest to get along with, but they are winners. I love my Razorbacks and just can’t stand were we are with our football program.