Gus wasn't actually endorsed By AD

The AD’s statement was simply " coach is in the first year of a 49 million contract.
Maybe they pulled the trigger to keep him and paid him way too much cash :sob:!
Good old Auburn. One thing for sure their athletic department is full of over paid folks with integrity! Ha! Ha!

This AD was not the one who oversaw the new contract for Malzahn last year. That was Jay Jacobs, who was in a lame duck period.

I remember that but the Auburn fan base sure don’t like the way the season has gone up to this point. Being on the hook for that kid of cash is crazy especially for a coach.

USA Today has a scathing article on Malzahn. Also said they paid a ridiculous price for him because if they didn’t we were. So very glad he is not here. Slams his offense and results

Outside Arkansas, the media isn’t so kind to Gus.

The Gus Cult is still strong in Arkansas. I doubt he is too worried, he hit the lottery. Getting fired would probably suck for him, until he looked at his bank statement.

His record has to gall long time Allburn fans. How much for each win? I guess this eats into their ready slush fund.

I love it.