Gus Wants to Stay at AU

This so confusing. There was a master plan. He winked at us from across the Plains.

We fired our stellar AD and (considering the huge buyouts) coach that was as good as what we are going to end up with.

I feel double crossed. Surely Gus didn’t play us. He would never do that. He’s a man of impeccable character.

I think BB had to go. Firing Long? I don’t get. Even if you want to get rid of him, you wait until after you hire a coach.

I have no idea what to believe. However, I don’t believe Gus ever promised anyone he was coming here. At best he indicated he’d listen & maybe at the time wasn’t comfortable in his position at Auburn. (His seat was really hot a month ago.). If he promised he was coming if an offer was made, he’ll either come after the SECCG regardless of outcome or he lied when he made the promise.

I suspect we’ve got some major donors who heard what they wanted to hear & we fired an AD & HC with no real plan in place to replace them if the donors’ desires weren’t met.

I agree about hearing what they wanted to hear, but the plan WAS IN PLACE. Just because all the players didn’t know they were the plan, doesn’t mean it wasn’t a plan.

Of course, I also agree with PIG, Gus was looking for a fall back option and a pay raise. Our BOT was just dumb enough to make sure he had both

That doesn’t look like a good plan.

It was a HORRIBLE plan, but it was a plan and it was in place. They just failed to think about the plan’s plan. Again Mike Riley is free :smiley:

This plan may be fatal to Arkansas ATHLETICS.

I’m calling my shot. Loggains. And that may be OK. Much better a young, innovative mind than a retread. Can a 5’5 man recruit? Is there a Napolean Recruiting Complex?

Nick Saban is 5-6.

He is one of the NFL coordinator guys. Does he understand the recruiting, academics, and everything else involved? Just curious. I’m watching the Bears now, I’m not impressed with their offense.