Gus tidbit and information that could prove insightful

We have a family member who plays football at a D3 elite academic school. Lots of SEC alumni kids from other Southern states there including Auburn.

Just remembered this. We were there for one of the D3 games the Saturday Hogs played Auburn. After the D3 game ended in the afternoon, we wound up watching the Hogs game at a local watering hole there, and we wound up with some Auburn fans. These are pretty well-heeled Auburn alums and supporters – like us they had a family member attending this D3 school for academics and to play ball. (This is the kind of school where most all the families have been blessed financially.)

But what they said to me now makes a lot more sense. I think our board will appreciate this information as would our media.

When Gus was on the screen, these Auburn folks said – “Well there’s your next coach.” Of course I was still on the BB bandwagon at the time — plus I thought it was a terrible business decision to pay out the millions upon millions in a buyout unless it was as bad as the doom-and-gloomers said – per that crowd things are always bad. Turns out this time the doomsday crowd was right.

But I told those wealthy Auburn folks that we were not about to pay a coach $15 million to go away – when we could just wait a year and save several million or keep him if he wound up getting it done. They commented that of course we could afford the buyout – mentioned all the things known to us all – but I reminded them even when you can afford it, you don’t spend that kind of money when it’s bad business. To which they all agreed.

But this is the part that really stands out to me now — these Auburn boosters could have cared less if Gus stayed – and they acted to me like they were thankful he was going to Arkansas.

It certainly provides more insight into why Gus would want to leave Auburn. Like Nick Saban at Michigan State – Malzahn definitely has to be tired of being little brother in Alabama – and definitely in a no-win situation with Auburn boosters and fans.

And to be clear, I have always been adamantly opposed to Gus as Arkansas coach. But I’ve changed my position here of late. One thing is his body of work at Auburn – the record speaks for itself – he knows how to win in the S.E.C.

And I’m ready to win. Arkansas has never been this bad – 11-28 in the S.E.C. In the past 5 years – ever over that time period. As much as some hated HDN, we were a lot better than this. Arkansas can do a helluva lot better and should.

I am for winning. If Gus can win for us, I’m behind him all the way. I definitely think he will take our recruiting to another level. And for those who are obsessed with the mythical stars given high school kids by self-proclaimed recruiting experts – you’ll see more of your 4 and 5 star players with Gus.

I don’t doubt there are Auburn fans who wouldn’t care if Saint Gus left. But I’m extremely wary of extrapolating what three or four people say into a survey of the pulse of the entire Allbarn Nation. Specifically what the AU administration thinks. Jacobs is a lame duck, but he’s still there, and he’ll get to hire the replacement if Gus leaves, unless they hire a new AD very quickly.


i have not been a fan of “gus to arkansas” since the HDN/Gus fiasco.
i am seeing the handwriting on the wall
i am trying to prepare myself to like it

I think that is a mighty stretch to say AD Jacobs makes the next hire at Auburn. If Gus leaves, the Auburn money gonna let Jacobs make the next hire and not even be around to answer? C’mon Swine.

Will there be a committee? Probably. But are they going to cut the AD out of the loop entirely, even a lame duck? Highly doubtful.

Feel just like Elvishog - but not sure how good Gus would be w/o the top 10 (nationally) recruiting classes. I don’t believe that he or anyone short of Gruden (or maybe Lane Kiffin) will be able to get 10 ten classes to Arkansas

Not saying these Auburn versions of Broyles-Matthews donors there speak for all of Auburn, but I take their opinions and attitudes and put them into context of everything reported and what others are hearing.

I paid no attention to what they said back then, as I said, but that they brought it up and their “please take Malzahn” attitude – in hindsight — is telling.

The CW is that Gus feels as if he will never be able to satisfy Auburn nation. And it’s a no-win situation having to play lil’ bro to Bama every day of the year.

The only coach in Auburn history to dominate Bama – 7 years in a row – was another Arkansan, Tommy Tuberville, and Auburn was never happy with him either.

Tough place to coach with Bama-expectations — but they are not Bama.

I haven’t reached out to my sources on the hill, and I doubt I will this time – but one thing I do know from my years of calling the Hogs – where there is this much smoke, there’s usually some sort of a fire. And this smoke has been out there for most of the season.

I had two Auburn boosters - friends of my wife - that stayed here for the Auburn-Arkansas game weekend.

They wanted him gone, still want him gone after that huge win over Georgia.

I don’t really get that other than he’s lost to Alabama a few times.

Same with me, Dudley. My wife’s family who are AU fans (their daughter is a freshman there), met us in Fayetteville for the game and a long weekend. They had nothing positive to say about Gus and want him gone, no matter what happens. They didn’t have any particular reason other than that, in their minds, they are second fiddle to AL. They did say beating GA and AL this year would help. I told them they were spoiled rotten…

I’ve heard from several places that Gus isn’t at all popular down there. I wouldn’t put much stock in that except it’s in line with the sources here. If that’s true, it would make more sense that he’d want to get away.

On the buyout situation: if he wants out and they want him out, I don’t think his buyout would be terribly high. Just because it’s there doesn’t mean it isn’t negotiable. (Remember there are usually two buyout provisions. One is if the school dumps him early & the other if he decides to dump the school for another place. The two aren’t necessarily the same number & both are only written in ink, not in stone.)