Gus theory

This is a theory – not speculation – as much as a thought.

I don’t think we are going to get him, but I think his agent is going to play our interest for all it’s worth to get him a salary on par with NIck Saban and a buyout similar to the one Sumlin has – $10.4 million due in 60 days or something like that.

But based on all the hell Gus has endured down at Auburn, does he have a real interest in Arkansas? Some are adamant that he and wife are very interested in coming home. I’m in no place to dispute those who say that.

So thinking – were I his lawyer, I would insist to Auburn that he get his new contract and giant raise in place, in writing and signed before the SECCG. Gus is at his strongest negotiating point right now – with all the vacancies out there and being filled this week and his 2 big victories in 3 weeks.

Beating Georgia again in the SECCG is going to be a tall order, so I would want the deal done before the game. I would be pushing them – if you don’t want your Coach leaving for Arkansas, or some other place, you better pony up right now or he’ll be resigning on the eve of the game or right after – that’s what I would be pushing.

If Gus has a real interest in coming home, and he’s getting crazy money from Arkansas, then that’s what I’m looking to see. If no deal in place with Auburn before the game Saturday, and Auburn loses, we might get him after all.

If no deal and Auburn wins Saturday, if this is as things are, we still might get him.

To wait though, if the deal fell through for Arkansas, all the big names will have been hired, and Plan B at that point is going to be a real challenge.

He’s in a very strong position to parlay a raise right now. However, I don’t see either us or A&M finalizing a coaching hire before Saturday. If he loses Saturday, he’s in a bit weaker position than now, but if he wins, he’s in a great position. However, it’s unlikely he’d want to risk not being allowed in the playoff games by accepting another job. I don’t think anyone will wait on him until January.

So, yeah, he’s in a strong position right now. We, on the other hand, are not. I hope at this point we’ve moved on from Gus. However, I know he has a following who simply won’t allow that if they have any way to stop it.

I think Gus said that he doesn’t deal in rumors, which doesn’t mean he isn’t thinking about going home to Arkansas. One would expect that if there is a potential deal, it has a deadline, perhaps next Sunday with the urgency of recruiting upon us. If that scenario were in play, wouldn’t Arkansas be discussing the head coach position with others but slow playing them until the Sunday deadline? I’m torn between Norvell and Venables. Love the exciting offense but know we need defense first. I really hope the next HC is in Fayetteville for a very long time.

What about Gus to TAM instead of here?

it would make more sense to me.

they are basically Auburn without the NC

very good recruiting and not as much pressure

Not that an outright denial would matter. We’ve all heard coaches deny they’re going somewhere then end up there. (Saban for example). However, I notice that, too. He didn’t deny anything. Just didn’t want to talk about them. Of course, that might have been part of the game of letting Auburn people worry.

Of course, the lawyers are doing all the talking and negotiating.

What I’m suggesting is pretty hard ball, and you’d only employ it if you really wanted to leave there – and I have heard from people who would know that he was ready to leave – going to get ahead of the posse so to speak.

Then if Auburn does not give you what you want, you tell them where they can put their job – and you go to UA or A&M, etc, and make a bunch of money with much less pressure than they have at Auburn.

Nothing is more satisfying than telling an employer who did not appreciate you until it was too late — what they can do with their job as they stand there and everyone thinks they were a bunch of idiots for not keeping you.

If Auburn wins, and he wants to leave, and Auburn has not met his demands, I don’t think he’d stay around for the NC game…

NEA - You and I can certainly agree on your statement. It was just days ago that Dan Mullen loved Starkville. SEC Channel and virtually everyone was convinced he wasn’t going to leave. Contrary to popular belief… Everything is fluid. The people in making the hiring decision do have alternative plans should Gus & Auburn kiss and makeup.

I think you underestimate how many Texas A&M fans view themselves. They think they are the big dog in Texas now and a great head coach is all that is standing between them and championships.

I think the A & M people are a little worried that their window may be closing with the hiring of Herman at Texas. Texas showed some signs of life this season and the Aggies cannot stand the thought of playing second fiddle again. So… they might give Jimbo Fisher a nice chunk of College Station to try to get to the next level.

If they can’t get Fisher, I could see them going after Gus, or even offering Saban or Dabo the entire town of College Station. They want glory and they want it now.

If they end up with Chad Morris, etc. I’m not sure that is going to quiet the natives for very long. He would be well-advised to not go 7-5 his first year.