Gus still a candidate

Until we hear from Auburn announcing their deal with Gus, negotiations with Arkansas are obviously continuing…

I suspect that’s why they are not talking

I am surprised, but they must think he is worth it.

Wonder if a sticking point is his buyout he would owe Auburn ?

Apparently not. If the rumors of 7 years, 50 million is true, they don’t care about the buyout.

Now, since the season “ended” yesterday, plane watch has begun. A BOT plane went to Memphis last night (supposedly this is where Sexton’s office is located, as well as Norvell) and one left today headed towards Bama.

Sexton wins the most if Auburn gives Gus a raise to exceed our offer, and Norvel doubles salary to us.

I love the plane watch, been waiting for this…Matt said in another thread he’s working his phone hard today so hopefully we’ll get some good info today

Yes, also saw it stated, Sexton is Phil’s agent and also Jimbo’s. If true, Merry Christmas to Jimmy.

I don’t recommend Hogville to anyone, but you should really go look at the plane watch thread. 25 pages last I looked and absolutely hilarious. Guys were literally at the airport trying to peak through windows of the hanger to see if anyone would get off the plane.

I suspect the buyout would be written into his contract with Arkansas, if it gets that far.

Since you like plane watch, plane landed in ATL, then returned to Fayetteville. Refueled, then went to LR, and now is headed to Boca.

Interesting flight path.

End destination suggests Kiffin is at play.

Or, each of the BOT’s have their own coach in mind, and we will have a battle royal at the 50 yard line, winner will be the coach.

I think your idea that the BOT is making the decisions is way off.

Maybe 1 has some influence, I doubt all of them are this tied up in the search.

Now, prominent boosters? Sure I bet there are two or three who have a lot of say right now.

Yeah, I get the BOT and boosters confused, I mean I know the BOT aren’t puppets for the boosters :wink:

To be honest I don’t think you know anything.

Sounds like you believe everything you read, maybe from Facebook.

Please say it is real

More than likely. There is a thread on another site that says the plane has went everywhere including Houston on Friday night to talk to Morris. The plane did go to Houston on Friday Night, but I’m pretty confident it was for another reason. I think CMA would agree

Sexton always wins - he darn well makes sure of that!

Coaches hire Sexton because he’s good at his job. It’s the same reason MLB pitchers hire Scott Boras. He gets more money, more consistently, for his clients. And, as Bret Bielema now knows, coaches are hired to be fired; the date on the pink slip just gets filled in a little later, and a few very lucky ones evade it or retire first. So they might as well get all the money they can while they can.

By the way: Lane Kiffin is also a Sexton client.

How much is enough $? Malzahn has probably already made about $30 million and apparently doesn’t consider $50 million “life-changing” money.

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We don’t know that’s what he thinks. What we do know is that no one is quoting him saying that. The Athletic quoted someone else saying it, someone whose name just might be Jimmy Sexton.