Gus still #1--UPDATED 11:45AM 12/02/2017

We’re going for it. NOT giving up.

Go Dawgs!!

Go dawgs! I️ hope you’re right!

What if Gus doesn’t come? Who is it?

Norvell. But we’re going to make Gus say no. He’s had 2 times he wanted it. Now is his chance.

After watching 1st half of UCF & Memphis… I’d take Norvell in a heartbeat. Their Scheme offensively is outstanding. Give that guy the resources to hire top notch defensive coaches… WOW!! I like Malzahn, but like Norvell as a young energetic coach.

THIS I’d stop the drama, save a boat load of money, get the fan base together again (Gus brings to much drama, I think he’s playing us) and put that extra savings of cash to Def and recruiting efforts.

I am good with either guy. Malzahn is one of the best coaches in college football and Norvell is one of the best young coaches in college football. I appreciate the people who are making this happen…they got tired of watching this once excellent program slip away and said ‘no more’ and are doing something about it. Thank you…whoever you are.

I’ve played and watched enough football to know a well coached team… Memphis is! The amount of money that could be spent on the defensive side, with his offensive mind could be special!!

UCF 40 Memphis 13 Sept 30th. Mike can coach. Few concerns of experience. SOMEBODY will go after him if he wins this game…Actually I like Mike also.

Prefer Norvell over Gus any day. Let Auburn over pay for him. Hire a great D.C. And get it rolling.


[/quote]This. Moreover, we’re getting played in the Plains.

I looked at this game (Memphis and UCF) and the zero defense worried me. So, I looked at Norvell and a good DC, with the difference between Gus and Norvell’s pay. Troy and UTSA are both in the Top 15 PPG allowed. Vic Koenning (Troy DC) has P5 experience at Clemson and K St. him and Norvell together maybe less than just Gus, gives us quite a bit of extra money for assistants. Would be worth a look and may save some money.

What is it they say, “DEFENSE WINS CHAMPIONSHIPS”. Don’t see Memphis playing any defense.
If No Gus. Then no to NOrvell. Bring on Venables.

When JL was rude to me a few years ago, and asking for BB pledges before the season was over. That did it for me.

BTW, thanks. And I’m just one person that’s had enough. MANY more…

Several said we would NEVER fire JL. Then CBB.

UCF is a very good team but Memphis is giving them a good game on UCF’s home field. Officiating has been somewhat one sided in 2nd half as well. UCF has more talent on defensive side of the ball.

My guess is that, if Auburn really wants to keep Gus and Gus really wants to stay, he would sign an extension before kickoff of the SEC championship game. He probably loses leverage regardless of the outcome. If he wins, both parties are stuck with each other, and Arkansas has to move on quickly. If he loses, Auburn probably won’t write a blank check to keep him. If he loses and goes back to Auburn, he played us.


Could be. Am I perfect? NO

But I know for a fact what I have been talking about.

Just trying to help the Razorback Nation and our State. Asked to help last year.

Doing what I can. Health issues have not helped but I’m working!

I’m fighting like a mad Razorback and won’t take any more.

And Bo making fun of our state and group. Well…

That’s being analyzed. Or has been.

HUGE PROBLEM!! More than Auburn

[color=#FF0000]Jimmy Sexton!!!


You’ve got to remember one thing… It takes time and TALENT TO BUILD A DEFENSE like Clemson has. Clemson was a high powered offense with sustained success before they got the talent on the Defensive side of the ball. Venables would look very average with our talent.

And that is the exact reason, I don’t think Gus comes to AR. I don’t think AR would pay more than what AUB was presented. 7.5 to 8.5, Jimmy wants his cut, he gets a say.